Thursday, May 16, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy (early) interestversary.

It's a few days early but I'm heading out today for a week and a half of European vacation, that being a bunch of cool stops in Spain and Morocco (where I have every intention of riding a camel). In the meantime, it will surprise precisely no one that I have heard nothing from Lloydminster's favourite bankrupt, Patrick "Atkins Cheeseburger Diet" Ross, who appears to have relocated on a somewhat permanent basis to Grande Prairie to further his mid-life career in the swamping industry.

When Patrick decides to proceed with his idiotic lawsuit against me, he knows precisely where an actual process server can deliver the papers. For the time being, I'll soak up some sun and see what Moroccan happy hour looks like.

P.S. I almost forgot ... it's now 33 months since a Saskatchewan judge told Patrick how much he owes me and jacked up the interest rate:

You can do the math.

P.P.S. If anything exciting is happening at Casa Ross in Lloydminster, drop me a note.

AFTERSNARK: I don't spend much time these days checking out Patrick's petulant, childish excuse for a Twitter account as the vast majority is little more than gleeful celebration over people he doesn't like getting beat up. However, if anyone spends any time there and sees Patrick continuing to brag over his dead-in-the-water defamation action against me, please take a screenshot or, even better, save a copy at the Internet's "Wayback Machine" since all of that is immensely useful for me when I decide to have his action dismissed, as the court is typically unimpressed with people who gloat over launching a legal action, only to not do anything with it.


Anonymous said...

Do you think you'll ever collect from that deadbeat?

CC said...

Anon @ 8:55 AM: It's hard to say. I was told a long time ago that if someone is content being in bankruptcy and wants to live perpetually on the run, waddling from one menial job to another, there's probably not much you can do about it.

If Patrick is happy doing scut work for the rest of his life in the wilds of Northern Alberta, mucking out tankers in -40C in the middle of winter, there's not much I can do about it.

Thing is, I'm patient and, for every month that goes by, Patrick owes me more money. And given the number of people looking for him, all it takes is one mistake to really screw up his life, so rest assured that, as long as Patrick remains in bankruptcy, he'll be looking over his shoulder for years to come.

He'll never have a nice house, or a nice car, or own his own business, or anything of the sort. The rest of his life will involve doing crap work for someone else and always wondering if there will some day be a reckoning.

That is what the rest of Patrick's life looks like, and he has no one to blame but his arrogance and his big mouth.

MgS said...

The funny/sad aspect of that scenario is Patrick really seems to think he's "sticking it to you". It's kind of pathetic if you ask me.

RossOwesDay said...

Those hillbilly Ross kids (combined IQ in double digits) are going to try to sell Ken and Carol's house at some point. Twatsy should not see a dime of those proceeds.

Anonymous said...

Technical question. When calculating your personal net worth, do you get to show Patrick’s debt to you as an account receivable? Because if so, you’ve already won - having the $$$ in the bank would be great, of course, but as long as it’s part of your net worth, it’s an asset you can leverage.