Wednesday, June 19, 2019

You know it's time for the hammer to fall.

Just taking care of some unfinished business from back in 2010 ...

UPPITY DATE:  To no one's surprise, the properly and adequately served Patrick Ross did not show for his hearing. It did not end well for him -- details to follow when they are formalized.

UPPITYER DATE:  I believe I'm fairly safe in announcing that, while there will be further developments, the bankruptcy registrar made it exquisitely clear that, due to Patrick Ross' ongoing non-compliance with his obligations under the bankruptcy regime, the normal stay of proceedings that protects bankrupts is no longer in place with respect to Patrick, which means that my original judgment of $85,000 is now back on the table and fully and completely enforceable.

Oh, and it's been growing by 2 per cent per year since 2010. There's that, too.

MORE UPPITY DATE: As I mentioned above, undischarged bankrupt Patrick Ross failed to appear for his July 5 hearing before the Registrar in Bankruptcy. There are consequences for Patrick's no-show that I will explain in detail when the time is appropriate.

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