Thursday, September 06, 2007

The only question worth asking.

Dear M. Poilievre:

If you don't think there's anything wrong with exceeding Elections Canada spending limits, why did your party go to such trouble to conceal it in the first place?


Mike said...

Gawd, I live in Pierre Poilievre's riding...this guy is a True Believer. He'd defend the Conservatives for robbing banks to finance an election campaign.

funny how the old "freedom of speech" thing never came up when it was the Liberals playing fast and loose with elections and finance laws...

Red Tory said...

Spot on for asking the question that puts lie to the current dissembling on the part of the CPC about their election hijinks.

Jeff said...

did you happen to see pierre's adams apple wildly poking it's way out of his throat as he tried to keep his voice from cracking.

is he the best harper has to offer?

fuck sakes, at least van loan knows enough to keep the right hand in his pocket when he's gotta a boner.