Friday, February 04, 2005

The (distinctly creepy) advantage of being gay.

I guess, in one sense, Andrew Sullivan is a lucky man; being gay, he probably feels less guilt than the rest of us being so thoroughly, overwhelmingly, head-over-heels in love with himself.

At the end of this piece, Sullivan accepts some loving fellatio from one of his adoring fans:
In short, I am a new person. I see the world through new eyes. Isn't it amazing? Think about it. You changed my life.
Responds Sullivan:
It doesn't get much better for a writer than that, does it?
No, I guess not. Always nice to know there might be more up-and-coming gay, conservative, hopelessly-conflicted schizoids ready to make their mark on the blogosphere.

Sullivan has recently announced that he's packing it in and retiring from blogging. But, sadly, he just can't make a clean break:
I guess this is becoming self-serving, but here's an email that makes me happy.
No, no, Andrew, it's not becoming self-serving. It's way past that and thoroughly into narcissism. If you're going to keep this up, at least get a room or something. Think of the children.


Anonymous said...

If you're gay and liberal, you are ok. If you are gay and conservative, you are a complete idiot who isn't really gay and deserves to be mocked.

Am I right, or what?

Anonymous said...
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CC said...

From CC:

"Am I right or what?"

Um, no. If you're Andrew Sullivan, you deserve to be mocked. See how that works?