Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bush campaign aide makes ass of himself -- highlights at 11.

An online CNN article, reporting on the resounding and humiliating blockage in the Senate of the anti-same-sex marriage amendment, describes how, since the measure was clearly headed to overwhelming defeat:

Both Kerry and Edwards were on record opposing the measure but decided not to return for the procedural vote since their votes weren't needed to defeat it. They were the only senators not voting.

Not surprisingly, this didn't stop a Republican aide from acting like a total dipstick:

A Bush campaign aide responded, "It takes a special kind of senator to attack others over a vote that they don't show up for."

Riiiiight. And this from an aide whose president has yet to show up for any memorial of any kind for any of the U.S. service personnel killed in Iraq. It really is true that some peoples' mouths work way faster than their brains.

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