Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Andrew Sullivan makes an ass of himself. Again.

Only the strong can stomach reading Sully's bizarre, paralogical rants, but I figure I have to do it so you don't. And it doesn't get more idiotic than a recent post of his, "The Case for War", which doesn't seem directly linkable at Sully's site. Let's follow the bouncing Sully, shall we?

To my mind, the war to depose Saddam is still justifiable, morally important, and will, if we stay the course, eventually be regarded as an important milestone in the war against terror.

OK, so the war was a good thing. Faithfully toeing the party line, that's our Sully.


But at the same time, it seems to me that there's no denying that the actual case made by the Bush administration for war was built on false information.

Whoa, so maybe the war wasn't really justifiable given that it was based on (how to put this delicately) a pack of lies.


Quoting Senator Pat Roberts (R-Lying Toady), Sully continues:

So if we had had accurate intelligence, the war would not have taken place.

Still, flop.

I reiterate: I'm still glad we fought it.

Whoops. Back to flip.

But this remains one of the biggest government screw-ups in recent history. It has made future pre-emption based on intelligence close to impossible. And President Bush is ultimately responsible for this. Tenet has taken the fall, but it will take years and years before the U.S. regains the reputation for credibility that this president has destroyed. Even if you believe that Bush is still the best man to fight this war, you also have to concede that his record includes at least one massive error, and one that will cripple our ability to fight the war in the future.

Flop. I mean, really, flop. And he thinks John Kerry has a problem with waffling?

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