Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yup, it's a mystery.

Breaking news from Wingnut Welfare Central:

Another senior bureaucrat leaves government to join Ignatieff

I’ve learned that Clare Beckton, the head bureaucrat and the coordinator of Status of Women Canada - the department headed up by Conservative Minister of State Helena Guergis - will leave the public service to join Michael Ignatieff’s office.

Ms. Beckton has received a letter of offer from the office of the leader of the opposition and the political department at SWC is shocked to learn of her departure.

Shocked. Shocked, I am, at such developments, given that Beckton was the head bureaucrat at the SWC, which was headed up Helena Guergis, who is a Minister in the government of Stephen Harper, who has occasionally lauded the moral support he gets from the Blogging Tories, one of whose members is Jabba the Roy, whose BT blog prominently displays his opinion of the aforementioned Status of Women Canada:

Yeah ... members of the SWC who don't seem all that thrilled with sticking around there under a Harper government. Go figure.

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