Wednesday, June 03, 2009

When you just can't contain the stupid anymore.

God Almighty, Hunter, but you're a whiny little runt.

Hey, I said "runt."

: Regular, retarded commenter "MaryT" is her regular, retarded self:

I have to wonder who in the civil service is leaking info and leaving it around for the media to find.

Gosh, Mary, I have no idea. I guess that's just a mystery. Oh, wait ... it isn't:

The binder of documents was left nearly a week ago at CTV's Ottawa bureau by either Minister of Natural Resources Lisa Raitt or one of her aides.

There's a certain irony to people who are too fucking stupid to read constantly complaining about media bias. That just doesn't seem right, does it?

DOUBLE AFTERSNARK: Jeff makes a significant point that I'm guessing everyone over at Hunter's is way too terminally stupid to appreciate:

Whether it was her or her staffer that left the documents behind, the principle of ministerial responsibility applies, and this is clearly an unacceptable lapse.

Precisely. It doesn't matter whose oversight it was, it was Raitt's portfolio as minister and, consequently, the buck stops with her. It's called "accountability" -- something we're all quite aware that Stephen Harper's group of misfits has never heard of. 'Cuz, with this crew, it's always someone else's fault.

I blame Michael Ignatieff.


Ti-Guy said...

I'm surprised one of the Contards hasn't observed that it's "illeegul" to reveal the contents of documents marked "secret."

These people are scary fascists if they think the media is supposed to sit on documents incompetent politicians/staffers leave behind.

Southern Quebec said...

The real question of course, is "If you leave secret documents around, are they still secret?"

Ti-Guy: you weren't very nice to Hunter...hahahahahahah

Ti-Guy said...

I just start seeing red whenever one of these "freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom up my arse" fanatics start complaining when the media ends up uncovering very useful information the government has tried to keep secret.

They don't deserve democracy or freedom. Ergo, they need to be interned.