Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So much for that tin-foil hat conspiracy thingie.

I'm guessing all those conspiracy-minded whackjobs can now -- what's the phrase I'm looking for? -- oh, right -- shut the fuck up:

"Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt offered to resign Wednesday after documents, some marked secret, were left in the Parliament Hill studio of a broadcaster last week."

Here, let me repeat the best part:

"... were left in the Parliament Hill studio of a broadcaster last week."

One more time, but with more focus and emphasis:

"... were left ..."

In other words, you deranged, screeching lunatics, there is nothing sinister here after all so would you please just put a fucking sock in it for a change?

Thank you.

I'LL TAKE A KNIFE IN THE BACK FOR $400, ALEX. Jeff points out how quickly the right people found a fallperson for this:

So, Raitt offered her resignation but Harper said no, some poor staffer resigned instead, and this is different from the Maxime Bernier cause because it just is so leave me alone. And with that, the Conservatives seemed content to ride this thing out.

Note to aspiring Conservative aides: Keep your resumes up to date, 'cuz you just never know when you're going to get a shiv in the dark after your boss fucks up big time and they need a convenient warm body to throw under a bus.

I'm just sayin'.

P.S. Read all of Jeff's post. It's killer.

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Dee said...

Did you read the first comment? That's even scarier in sooooo many ways.