Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shut up, Lisa. Just shut up.

Lisa Raitt tries to salvage the situation:

An emotional Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt apologized on Wednesday for referring to the medical isotopes shortage as a "sexy" problem that she could take credit for fixing.

OK, that's good, it's what we've been waiting for, so maybe we can forgive and forget and ... oh, fuck, what's this?

Raitt fought back tears in front of reporters in Ottawa as she recounted her experience as a child, helping care for her father for 18 months before he died of colon cancer when she was 11.

Twenty years later, she said, she was "in the room" when her 36-year-old brother died of lung cancer.

EPIC FAIL! It's not about you, you dimbulb! No one gives a crap about your lameass excuses, or how tough life was for you. Your job was to apologize and get on with it, not launch into a tear-jerker to suck up for sympathy.

She had her chance. She pooched it. End of story.


liberal supporter said...

OT: Boo hoo hoo

Stimpson said...

An apology just isn't good enough when you've already exposed yourself as a career climber who wants things to go badly at first (at great cost in human lives) so that you can advance your career. The only honourable thing Raitt can do now is resign.

Stimpson said...

Then there's Raitt's remarks about another MP. Winnipeg Free Press quotes Raitt: "Speaking of career-limiting moves, I'm in shock that that MP, Joy Smith, brought forward private member's legislation on human trafficking."

In Lisa Raitt's world, career is all-important, ahead of principle or compassion. What a self-centered piece of shit.

Ti-Guy said...

Class act. Dig up the corpses of your dead relatives and parade them around at a press conference.

liberal supporter said...

It is said that the far right, as embodied in the CPC today, is the party of "I'm all right Jack".

Lisa is a perfect example of that. Given her personal history, her actions show she would kick anyone to the curb, even her own family.

Usually personal experience with something gives you a special understanding and a personal drive to better the situation. You know, compassion?

ThinkingManNeil said...

Just another goddamn neocon ticketpuncher.


KEvron said...

"a career climber who wants things to go badly at that you can advance your career."

she'd have made a swell rat catcher.


Anonymous said...

Class act. Dig up the corpses of your dead relatives and parade them around at a press conference.
Yup, really fucking classy.

And that was a weak non-apology. Dimbulb? Fucking twat is more like it...

Ti-Guy said...

Won't somebody think of her career!!!

She's going to wish she had stayed put at her cushy sinecure.

Sheena said...

Umm... I believe it is spelted "Hey Lisa, Fuck you and your grief".

Glad to be of assistance,
your friend,

Námo Mandos said...

Wait, why is introducing human trafficking legislation a career-limiting move?

craig said...

"As somebody who has had in their personal life been deeply affected by cancer, my intent was certainly not to show any disrespect for cancer victims, survivors, or their families.

"However, it's clear that these remarks have been interpreted in that way. So I want to offer a clear apology to anyone who has been offended by what I've said."

Classic non-apology. She didn't apologize for what she said. She apologized for leading you to – mistakenly, bien sûr – take offence at what she said. If there's a problem here, it's with the misinterpreting you, not the magnanimous her.

CC said...

It is the textbook example of a non-apology: "I'm sorry that some of you were so stupid as to clearly misunderstand what I was saying."

Someone being interviewed on the CBC yesterday described it as a "false apology." Not surprising -- this is not a bunch that ever apologizes for anything.