Friday, June 19, 2009

Quickly, Robin ... to the Smearmobile!

And now that the Stephen Harper Party of Canada has finally relented and is willing to, you know, obey the law in the case of Abousfian Abdelrazik, it is now critically necessary for at least one Blogging Tory to suddenly and conveniently reveal heretofore unknown information with which to besmirch Mr. Abdelrazik.

In 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... ah, there we go.

Good job, Raph. Your predictability makes blogging a lot less work than it might be.

FOR THE RECORD, Raphael's douchebagitude is nothing new. We've seen it before. Seriously, if you think we here at CC HQ don't support the troops, you need to go read Dave's piece, follow the links, and keep going into the comments. Must-read blogging.


Frank Frink said...

Well, yeah, Mr. Ruffles is still a twatwaffle. What else is new?

Oh, this.

Dear Canada,

We would dearly love to send Mr. Abdulwattever to some dark and dirty hole, in a unspecified location which we can not divulge to you, but we don't seem to have any evidence with which to charge him.

D'ya think you could hole him up somewhere in the meantime while we try to make up a few things that might sound plausible and might stick? Think you could help us out with that, too?

Love, peace and chuckles,
Your neighbours on the main floor.

(wv - 'ectifyi')

Balbulican said...

"U.S. would like Canada’s assistance in putting together a criminal case against Abdelrazik but at this point, it was not enough to charge him."

Since the Patriot Act enables the US to lay terrorism charges against anyone who's brown or has a funny name, this speaks to the quality of their evidence.

CC said...

Yes, Frank, Raphael's a twatwaffle but let's give credit where credit is due -- given that he blogs under a pseudonym, he at least had the courtesy and decency not to join the pack of baying hounds, cackling with glee upon my outing.

Oh, wait ... he did.

Thanks, Raph. Still as much a classless douchebag as ever. Quelle surprise.

Cherniak_WTF said...

Raphael's a twatwaffle but let's give credit where credit is due -- given that he blogs under a pseudonym

And lets add that the National Post does not even alert the readership to this... In the comment section of the newspaper they even seem to think that Ralphie is a real journalist...

But Ralph is really good at being truthy...
Continuing discussion indeed! One is left to wonder exactly what the U.S. knows about Mr.Abdelrazik, why they wanted him extradited to the U.S., and what they intended to charge him with, and under what evidence.
I'd say given that the U.S. and Canada do exchange that information, the boy blunder is trying to muddy the water...

Ralphy is just another racist Conservative blogger.

I should add a liar also - because we all know Ralphy insisted for awhile that he blogged under his own name, then changed it to well part of it is my real name, to it's based upon my real name - I'd say who the fuck knows what he blogs under...

It is really revealing that these free speech warriors are afraid of a debate. You can post with the outmost civility and abide by their arbitrary rules but they will go and delete comments that tell the truth and make them look like the complete morons that they are.

Poor little right-wing bloggers are all scurrying around trying to ban my IP and trying to figure out where I actually blog from...

I think that it's fine to blog under a pseudonym but find it revealing that Ralphy would lie about. It goes to underscore his credibility and taints the integrity of the National Post... I mean if Ralphy is apt to stretch the truth on such a simple matter as his name, god knows what he does when he writes for the National Post....

CC said...

For the record, I've never suggested Raphael should be outed. I've only insisted that:

1) he openly admit that he blogs under a pseudonym (which he has finally done), and

2) make that clear to his readers at the National Post.

I don't think either of those two requests is unreasonable. Raphael, of course, disagrees, as does the NP, which tells you everything about that birdcage liner you need to know.

Mike said...

Uhm, good enough for CSIS and the RCMP, good enough for me. I don'
t give a shit what the idiots in the US think..

And Balb is these days of no habeas corpus and Patriot Act, the US needs literally no evidence.

Just more smear tactics from our fascist CPC government.

Raphael Alexander said...

I wasn't smearing Abdelrazik Bobby. I brought up the U.S. involvement as a possible reason why the government has been jerking him around. A bunch of your problog buddies did the same thing.

As you were Robert. Back to your linuxmobile.

Cherniak_WTF said...

Oh Look, Ralphie who claims to be for free speech but does not allow debate over at his sandbox unless you are a member of the KKK, a racist or some brain dead conservative (although I can't confirm 100%), was one of the first to "suppose" they may have been some reason for the delay on the part of the Conservative government because the U.S. (that bastion of human rights) wanted it that way.

Instead of denouncing the collusion and obfuscation in this case, tried to give it some "trutiness" because Ralphie is secretly hoping that this brown man is a terrorist...

Is that better Ralphie?

Jon Pertwee said...

Cherniak_WTF FTW!

Ti-Guy said...

I wasn't smearing Abdelrazik Bobby. I brought up the U.S. involvement as a possible reason why the government has been jerking him around.

Maybe, maybe not. The headline in for your "article" (basically, cribbed from Chris Selley's NatPost post) highlighted a piece of information that could serve to impugn his reputation, which you done before.

Like I care. I get my information from real news sources, not online Sicilian-Canadian derelicts who are perpetrating a fraud on the National Post's readers.

CC said...

Hey, Raphael ... I realize using my real name gives you a woody but, as you may have noticed, folks with actual class have continued to refer to me as "CC". And I prefer that, since it's a brand I've cultivated and I rather like it.

It's only the truly sleazy, classless dipshits who insist on outing me over and over and over and ... well, you get the idea.

Someone who's never condoned outing you.

LuLu said...

And furthermore you sanctimonious, hypocritically clueless prat, you'll notice that everyone here continues to call you "Raphael" which is most definitely not your real name.

Please spare me your weaselly equivocations about how it appears somewhere on your birth certificate. You presented it as your "real" name and it's not -- CC never claimed that was his real name just as I have never claimed that "LuLu" is mine. Do you see the point I'm making or should I get out the handpuppets?

Yes, yes, I realize that we can't refer to you by your "real" name ... the whole not knowing it issue makes it rather difficult. I suppose we could start a contest to come up with a "real" name for you and then we could stop this silly charade.

I suggest Asshat.

psa said...

the word calgary appears on my birth certificate. maybe i'll start blogging as mr. calgary!

KEvron said...

"As you were Robert."

convenient, isn't it, that you don't need to put his name in quotes?

tell me again: how did you explain it to red tory that you were keeping your real name a secret? i never saw anyone get as angry as you did when he exposed you for the liar you are. good times! remeber when we used to think "raphael alexander" was your real name, and that you prefered real names to pseudonyms? good, good times!

"Back to your linuxmobile."

you told him.

tell me again: which of you actually gets paid for his keystrokes?


KEvron said...

"I realize using my real name"

while not using his own....

good times!


KEvron said...

took a trip down memory lane, and fell into a memory hole.

tell us again, "ralphie", since we can longer read it for ourselves: what did you finally come to understand?

great times!


KEvron said...

tell us again, you post-purging, pseudonymous fraud, about accountability.


Cherniak_WTF said...

remember when we used to think "raphael alexander" was your real name, and that you prefered real names to pseudonyms? good, good times!

Poor assmonkey - I even asked him politely to let me debate him over at his sandbox...

The National Post and Raphael (not my real name) Alexander - because we don't need the truth, we just make it up.