Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One gets visitors.

If you thought yesterday was busy, well ...

Amusingly, it's only lunchtime and I managed to lose an entire hour of visitors earlier when I switched templates and forgot to re-install the consarned, dadgummit Sitemeter widget. In any event, the smart is rapidly overwhelming the stupid. I can live with that.

: Mad props going out to John for being the first to break in the PayPal button for $100. I guess the pressure's on to produce. No worries -- there is absolutely no shortage of douchebags out there.


Zorpheous said...

Makes my blog traffic look pathetic,...

vw = words

What are these words thingies I keep hearing about?

Sparky said...

Let me help you out z--
words are something that Patrick and Richard can't comprehend.
They're foreign to their understanding.
Hope that helps
As fer cc's traffic
the best my little website did in 16 years was 300 unique visits in 1 day--I thought that was good.