Thursday, June 04, 2009

On your mark ... get set ...

... document the dumbassitude.

: You have to love the blatant warning that misrepresentation is about to occur:

The left is apparently very opposed to two things:

Around here, we call that going "full-metal Twatsy." It's pretty much equivalent to the total douchebaggery of prefacing something with , "So what you're saying is ...," followed by what someone is not saying even remotely.

It's a Twatsy thing. But you knew that.


Stimpson said...

I expect far better logic from a lawyer. Ben Stein notwithstanding.

Ti-Guy said...

Actually, that type of logic is on par for lawyers. It's ad hoc; engineered towards a particular goal. To win your case. That's all that counts. Unfortunately, life does not occur within a court room, something lawyers forget too often.

Michael said...

Priceless. By a remarkable coincidence, I was asked to explain "Godwin's Law" to someone this morning. I've just cut-and-pasted this column.