Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh, my ... let the soul searching begin.

And in the wake of yesterday's exciting developments, we have the glimmer of some introspection in the Canadian Wankersphere, starting with one of those adorable tykes over at The Politic:

To some degree we’ve all failed over the past six years since the Blogging Tories, the original blogroll in Canada, to be the alternative information media that the Canadian citizenry expects us to be as they go on to make informed decisions on the future of our nation. Perhaps its time to stop the personality warfare that has distracted us scribes of the digital age from this duty so we can focus on the task at hand.

Uh, yeah, Matthew, one could say that you kids have "failed" if your goal was to build a smarter, more informed, more intellectual right-wing Canadian citizenry, and it's not hard to suggest The Politic has had a personal hand in that failure, what with your colleague Aaron, so many years ago, mocking female genital mutilation, then you getting spanked soundly in public for being an airbrained gomer about Charles Darwin and, most recently, your little sandbox opening its doors to this guy.

Yes, Matthew, one could certainly suggest that, if you want to talk about intellectual or journalistic failure, yours has been particularly epic. And that olive branch? Here's a thought -- grow up, learn some science and write something worth reading; then we'll talk. I don't need friends that badly.

: It's amusing to see Blogging Tory "Hunter" over there in the comments section, whining piteously about the lack of maturity and respect, given her utter inability to engage in intellectual discourse.

I swear, if this blog had an irony meter, it would have melted down by now.

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