Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Now maybe we can get some blogging done around here.

And now that Canada's wanks have clearly forgiven and forgotten and moved on and don't want to talk about Lisa Raitt anymore, maybe the rest of us who aren't sycophantic suckups can get some actual bloggy work done. Like so:

Wind money given to oil producers instead, Raitt tape suggests

OTTAWA – Money earmarked to support wind energy producers was diverted to research and development in the oil patch in backroom budget wrangling, the minister of natural resources said in a conversation with an aide in January.

Lisa Raitt told aide Jasmine MacDonnell that she suspects Environment Minister Jim Prentice took the money for wind power and redirected it to his Clean Energy Plan – a $1-billion fund for research and development in the oil sands.

The revelation is likely to intensify criticism of the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper as unfriendly to the environment.

Mr. Prentice is the MP for Calgary-Centre North, home to much of Canada's oil industry. Mr. Harper also represents a Calgary riding.

Yeah, I figure that's worth talking about. In the meantime, Canada's Blogging Tories can amuse themselves here, and leave the heavy investigative lifting to the grownups.


Stimpson said...

That Ottawa's "Clean Energy Plan" is actually for the oilsands is funny and sad at the same time.

liberal supporter said...

Actually, doing research on making oil sands production cleaner makes a lot of sense. It is a large emission source. The only problem is, like many other things, they will do it badly.

Plus the whole problem of lying about it.

Cameron Campbell said...

You know.. this is what bugs me.. where does that money come from? Why from taxes. Where do taxes come from? Why, from all Canadians...

Would someone from Alberta like to tell me the one about how all of them are propping us up again and how they never get anything from the rest of Canada?

ootpoot said...

Ontario: "Here's another billion dollars for you, Alberta."

Quebec: "Voila, beaucoup d'argent pour vous, Alberta."

Alberta" "Let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark!"

See how much things have changed?

Kevin said...

I don't know what's worse oot, those in the west that can't let it go, or those in the east.