Monday, June 01, 2009

Middle East Terrorism

Yet more violence and terrorism has erupted in Palestinian territories. Throwing rocks and ambushing workers, the outbreak of violence is another sign of the criminal thugs that controls the area. For every negotiation and attempt at peace making there is a fresh affront to dignity and decency of honest people trying to better their lives. The villains have no shame and rebuff every attempt to broker peace or compromise. Their blood lust and violence shows no sign of abating and the rash actions of these violent mobs will only incite further reprisals and bloodshed. There is no reasoning with this sort of extremist, when confronted they lash out, burning homes and crops, attacking with any weapon that comes to hand. They know no shame... and Hamas are bad guys too.

Mobs of Jewish settlers went on a rampage in the West Bank Monday, attacking Palestinian labourers and setting fire to agricultural land to protest against an Israeli government crackdown on unauthorized outposts in the territory.
Six Palestinian labourers riding on a minivan were injured when stone-throwing settlers attacked them, the workers said.

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