Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lisa Raitt versus Maxime Bernier: The difference.

Someone who sounds like he knows his stuff drops me an e-mail and explains it thusly:

A key difference between the two cases is the type of documents left behind.

Mr. Bernier left NATO documents un-secure. This meant that he was no longer acceptable on the international stage, because the international stage has standards for proper behaviour. He is known to be untrustworthy with their secrets. Harper wants to be on the international stage... Canada is Back and all that. Mr. Bernier has to pay for messing that up.

Ms. Raitt only left DOMESTIC documents (apparently), and as such the international community is not going to reject her. Well, they might laugh at her, but she is not going to be visibly rejected in international meetings. She is only a fool with our secrets. They will happily take as many of them as they can get. A little domestic faux pas is not likely to affect the Canada is Back meme.

So Bernier is an unacceptable international risk; Raitt is only a harmless domestic imbecile. Sure, I can live with that.


LuLu said...

I can't.

As someone who works on a daily basis with secure information and/or documents, this complete fucking hypocritical disregard for the rules makes me crazy. If my company were to behave in such a cavalier fashion, we would lose our security clearance so fast it would make your head spin. And we would bloody well deserve it.

So why is it okay for Big Daddy and his merry band of security-breaching, under-the-boss-tossing, in-and-out fuckwits to get away with this, regardless of whether or not the documents have potential international or domestic ramifications?

Ti-Guy said...

What I can't live with is how the Conservative rubes speculate, conjecture and lie to support whatever this government does. I don't care that the documents were left behind. I don't care if these bozos make mistakes like these (within reason, of course). I care much more about the lengths to which so many Canadians will go rationalise anything.

mikmik said...

Dropped me shorts outside. Piss stained, not shaet.

Missus stepped and tripped, did she? Broke the bitches neck, f'k'n aye, no dif, gov? Piece, that.

No difference. I came on the bitches tits and forgot. I can be excuses for forgetting an documents she is a stacked an she smothered me with affection.

Mr harper, call hin 'suh'! He make none miss teak wit de hired hep. Leave a tired hanky in'a'ms'ss quarters, be damned!

Fuck if 'o' be cum stainwed an emmbarrass'n'

mikmik said...

eah, it is okay. Document here, cum stain there. I'n'it'? Canada = cum stain, i'n'iT'?

Jennifer Smith said...

The most profound irony is that Raitt actually came from the corporate world. If she had 'misplaced' sensitive business documents like this at the TPA - even if it was her aide who had actually been carrying them - she would have been shitcanned in a cold minute.