Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Linux? Yeah, I've dabbled. Why do you ask?"

Here at CC HQ, we have interesting conversations:

"Hello? Yes, yes, I'm that CC, what can I do for you? Long-time reader and fan? Cool, thanks, always nice to hear. Linux? Yeaaahhhh, I've been around the block a few times, why do you ask? Training? That you read about on my web site? You bet. Why, yes, I do have a resume, it should be in your mailbox later this morning. And, yes, I am available for travel, thanks for asking. Yeah, Wendy Sullivan is a lying douchebag."

OK, I made that last part up. Maybe.


Zorpheous said...

You're going to have thank Dickie and RG for all the free pub you got out of this,... not exactly the desired effect they were looking for I'd wager, LOL

Best freaking revenge, be successful

wv - wakwona

Wakwona, the laugh sound CC makes when walking to the bank after his outing.

Sparky said...

To be clear--I would never encourage anyones outing or help anyone to out someone else here on these here internets--it's never warranted or needed.
However, just ruminating...
I wonder if neo would be as successful as you appear to be if he was outed...
My money's on no

CC said...

Actually, Sparky, I was going to write a post on this but I'll toss it out as a comment. I think there are valid grounds for outing, and one of those involves Arnie Lemaire aka "Blazing Cat Fur," also now known as Mr. Kathy Shaidle.

Truth be told, he was never really on my radar and I couldn't care less what he thought or wrote, and I would never have condoned his outing, except for this.

Yes, that's Arnie, commenting as "Blazingcatfur," gushing all over the TVO appearance of one Kathy Shaidle, while concealing the fact it's the Missus he's so taken with.

That's fraud. And it's why, the instant Lemaire did that, he had no right to his anonymity anymore.

Readers have a right to know about a massive conflict of interest like that, which makes the outing of Arnie Lemaire perfectly justified.

Until those comments, Arnie Lemaire had every right to his anonymity. The instant he posted pseudonymously, praising his own wife, he lost that right.

It's quite simple, really.

Anonymous said...

..Except that you have so many fluffers out there.

Not just Arnie and Kathy, but of all political stripes.

It's not limited to political talk - Amazon ratings, tweets, blogs, news realeases - many are just used by marketers.

People like to be lied to it seems because there is no outrage.

Anonymous said...

I don't find what Arnie did to be egregious in that context.

I've seen LuLu aptly defend you, and to those that are not in the "know" would have absolutely no idea of your relationship with her.

I understand that the difference maybe subtle but overall they are the same.

CC said...

Sparky, drop me a note offline. We need to chat.

CC said...

CWTF: I recognize the point you're making, but when LuLu writes in my defense, it takes a single mouse-click to learn that she's a co-blogger here at CC HQ. Arnie Lemaire gave readers no such option.

There's a difference.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

CC: That is why I wrote that the difference is subtle, but to be perfectly honest, how many will click?
Not many.

I don't want to belabor the point.

On another note, I like the new tagline
OK, I made that last part up. Maybe.
You should have it registered because it's so tempting to use.

Mike said...

Living well is the best revenge...he he he.


Ti-Guy said...

Truth be told, he was never really on my radar and I couldn't care less what he thought or wrote, and I would never have condoned his outing, except for this.

I think that was a minor reason. BlazingCatFur had been going around, spreading rumours, one involving you. I remember a comment from him at BigCityLib's asserting that you were being sued (I can't find it at the moment). It's not an issue of fact that's the problem here. It's the unconscionable act of planting rumours in an attempt at character-assassination. He was doing that a lot.

CC said...

He'd said that about me? Huh. I had no idea. Never happened, of course.

Kelseigh said...

Hey, my real name actually is Kelseigh, can that help me get a job for the summer? Seriously, loads of clerical skills and experience but I've been two months without a job, this is nuts.