Friday, June 26, 2009

It's spelled "E-z-r-a," but it's pronounced "dumbass."

Heh. Indeed. And Ezra's a lawyer. Go figure.


Michael said...

"statements were based on facts that were false.."

Well then they weren't FACTS, were they, Messrs Levant and Anders?

I realize their "apology" probably conforms to (and precisely no further than to) the letter of what they were required to do, but it still smacks of, "Yes we're sorry; we're sorry people didn't get what we were trying to say."

Ti-Guy said...

Just to be pedantic, facts can indeed be false. Facts are assertions that are assumed to be true based on some kind of credible evidence, as opposed to speculation or rumour.

The first place to look when determining someone is lying is to examine what they assert is "factual." Liars tend to use the word "fact" more than honest people.

Mike said...

I dare to disagree Ti-Guy.

Facts are those things that can be ascertained to be true, regardless of who does the observing or measuring.

Evolution is a fact.

Evidence is used to explain why the facts are true.

Natural Selection explains the fact of Evolution.

Like that.

Dr.Dawg said...

Facts are facts until they are falsified. Then they aren't facts any more. I just think Anders and Levant can't write English--the phrase should have read "what we thought were facts that proved to be false."

CC said...

Given the nature of Ghitter's response, it's not clear how the "facts" could have been "false." What "facts" were they alleging? Given that it was Ghitter's character and commitment that were being impugned, how exactly did that play out?

Ezra: "Senator Ghitter is a douchebag."

Rebuttal: "Um, that's not correct."

Ezra: "OK, so that fact was wrong. My bad."

Seriously, if I call Ezra a pompous windbag and narcissistic douche, can he sue me claiming that I'm technically "false?" How funny is that?

Ti-Guy said...

Facts are facts until they are falsified.

That's how I should have put it. The point I was going for is that people who tend to use the word "fact" always arouse my suspicion. I rarely use the word, because the potential for falsification always exists.

Even with evolution, Mike.

mikmik said...

Steve Martin: "If you didn't want lies and made up facts you should have told me that you didn't want lies and made up facts."

bigcitylib said...

In one sense, you can have a false fact if you take a fact as some kind of abstract object that either "obtains" or does not. The ones that obtain are true, that ones that don't, aren't.

Kevin said...

A fact is a fact. What kind of a fact? It's a fact. A fact is a fact. And when you have a good fact, it's because it's factual.

What's the problem here?

liberal supporter said...

It's a spelling mistake. He meant to say their statements were based on a fax that was false. Probably from the same fax machine the BTs now use for the daily talking points update.

Just the facts, ma'am.
J. Friday

Mark said...

" A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right. "

I have had it with the new-speak, mealy mouthed, self serving, pompous, opportunistic, moronic, self inflated, adolescent narrative that is Ezra.

I may comment from here on in. Gads!

Ti-Guy said...

What's the problem here?

Your halitosis. Go see a dentist, or something.

Mark said...

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it, and then misapplying the wrong remedies."

Not to mention lying like a used car salesman.

I am off to the dentist.

KEvron said...

"And when you have a good fact, it's because it's factual."

ah, rumsfeldian koans.


KEvron said...



Mark said...

KEvrons first gift.

Cameron Campbell said...

Worse, is he using "facts" in the legal way, as in to mean "things that have been proven in court"?

Because then all he's done is apologize for saying things that can't be proven in court and not for saying them at all.

mikmik said...

I refute it(fact) thus:


KEvron said...

that video's even better with the beavis and butthead commentary.