Thursday, June 04, 2009

I love the smell of fresh urine in the morning.

It smells like fear.


thwap said...

If that stupid, ugly mother-fucker doesn't want an election then he can goddamned give the opposition what it wants.

If that stupid, incompetent, corporate shill is terrified of facing the electorate then it's time for him to allow himself to be bullied and pushed around.

It's as simple as that.

Own it you piece of shit.

Neo Conservative said...


Harper is afraid of Iggy. I'm afraid of you.

Do you like how I put an asterix at the beginning and end of my comments.

I think it's neat, you know, kinda different. I like doing it cuz it let's me be myself.


CC said...

Fraud! The real Neo Conservative would have driven home his point with numerous font changes, interspersed randomly and for no apparent reason!!

Also, the lack of an infantile and meaningless reference to "Wanda Watkins" is a dead giveaway.

liberal supporter said...

Has neo 5216 ever commented here? I don't recall ever seeing him here. Neo 0313 is not even a good hand drawn facsimile. neo 5216, being an intelligent far right radical (the most dangerous kind), has never made a spelling mistake that I recall in any posts or comments. He never makes mistakes like "let's" versus "lets" either.

wv=smutbout ??

Sparky said...

Yeah, and even though I'll won't credit neo for word comprehension above the grade 5 level, he at least knows how to use question marks properly.