Thursday, June 04, 2009

I am Galactus. Fear me.

Apparently, it's true what one commenter wrote about me once upon a time -- I have become, all by myself, a fearsome force in the blogosphere, totally awesome in my awesomely awesome awesomeness, with the ability to drive mouth-breathing wankers into spasms of pants-peeing panic and frantic flight in the opposite direction simply by being in the general vicinity.

Yesterday's "Exhibit A" would, of course, be worthless liar and childish Blogging Tory "Hunter" (no, I'm not linking to that execrable douche this time), whose response to a number of CC-related commenters trying desperately to engage her in good faith on legitimate issues was a barrage of evasion, insults, tap dancing and, finally (as is inevitable with that whiny, gutless shrew) arbitrary comment deletion and petulant comment moderation.

It's not my imagination -- there's a definite pattern here, the running shrieking in fear whenever I show up, or even when someone casually passes by here heading elsewhere. Even two or three degrees of separation isn't enough to diminish the terrifying power of me, driving mortal wankers mad with screeching, whimpering terror.

The list of the afflicted is long and getting longer -- Hunter, Neo Conservative, Sandy Crux, mahmood, Patrick Ross, JoJo -- all incapable of coherent conversation or rational discourse when caught in the grip of the CCness of it all, all reduced to blubbering, sophomoric insults and playground taunts, reduced to nothing more sophisticated than "Ha, stoopid leftard trolls, we sure hit the target THIS time, didn't we, stoooooopid leftard trolls, HAHAHAHAHA!!"

It's an entertaining thing to see, isn't it? The explosive urination and massive soiling of underpants by just the thought of me popping by to have a chat and ripping someone a new orifice intellectually. But it's why we say around here at CC HQ: These people are not to be engaged; they are to be mocked. Ruthlessly. Relentlessly. And, most of the time, at a safe distance upwind. Otherwise, the stench of fresh urine starts to get a bit overwhelming.

I am Galactus.

Fear me.

KEYBOARD CAT! Play the whiny losers off:


Zorpheous said...

You are become almost as powerful and great as PZ

wv = dionesse

LOL, now that's funny

Dr.Dawg said...

I, for one, welcome our CC overlord.

Southern Quebec said...

We're not worthy!

Adam said...

Uh oh, CC is going over the edge ;)

WV - wigmuts - hehe

CC said...

Edge? What ed ...

LuLu said...


My boots are far more worthy of worship.

They really are gorgeous ...

David said...

Who gets to be Terrax?

roblaw said...

You are a one note song. *yawn*

CC said...

And yet, roblaw, here you are.

Sparky said...

Not to put a fine point on things, Roblaw, but are you here to refute cc's assertion? Can you point out where cc is misinformed? Can you back up with any rational data that what cc stated isn't the truth? Or are you just trolling?
We await your response with eager anticipation...

roblaw said...

I guess I'm trolling. I gave up on this site, and was reminded that it still exists by a site infintely more intelligent, "BigCityLib", who happened to mention CC and the goings on - specifically, this post.

Just thought I'd point out the obvious.

Sorry for the "dumbassitude" from this "douchebag".

Larry Moran said...

How can you be afraid of anyone who likes cats?

Jimmy Haulin' Hogs said...

Mr. T and CC walked into a bar. The bar was instantly destroyed, as that level of awesome cannot be contained in one building.

liberal supporter said...

I understand that even Chuck Norris ran away from CC.

Your awesomeness:
Please consider using the "Labels" feature of Blogger, so you can label posts such as this as "humour" for the benefit of fundamentalists who, in addition to taking the holy books literally, take every post on this blog literally too. I suggest you spell the label "humor" so that our Canadian latter day Republicans can understand the word.

Yours in Galactus,

Patrick Ross said...


God, I promised myself I wouldn't do this anymore.

But you flatter yourself. I stopped taking you seriously in any way, whatsoever right about the time that you couldn't figure out that endorsing Gilles Duceppe for Prime Minister was a bad idea.

I couldn't possibly take anyone who doesn't care about their country enough to not endorse someone who would happily destroy it as the leader of that country.

I'd also point out that it's you and your blogmates who have deliberately and gleefully refused to engage in anything even resembling a rational debate on, well... almost anything.

And, last but not least, if I'm the one who's allegedly so terrified, why is it that it's you and your boss who go running for the hills every time I show up anywhere outside of the Groupthink Temple?

Yeah, yeah. I know. It's that whole "reality" thing that you're just so uncomfortable with.

You may now resume deluding yourself.

Ti-Guy said...

I'd also point out that it's you and your blogmates who have deliberately and gleefully refused to engage in anything even resembling a rational debate on, well... almost anything

Well, it was tried at your blog, but you deleted everyone's comments.

David said...

"Well, it was tried at your blog, but you deleted everyone's comments." And there's the fact that everyone finds you tiresome Patrick.

Oh wait, before you call me on it, I didn't mean literally everyone in the entire world. I meant everyone I think is smarter than you. So, pretty much everyone.

CC said...

Jesus, Twatsy, don't you have some abortion providers to murder somewhere?

CC said...

By the way, Twats, if you're going to keep stalking me online and linking to my stuff, can you at least get some readers first so I get some Sitemeter traffic out of it? That would be nice.

Patrick said...

Hmmmmm. That's funny. Almost.

The odd thing about this is that I, a conservative, actually have more legitimate progressive readers than you do.

I guess that's what happens when you ply fascist ideology under the guise of progressive political thought.

CC said...

You have progessive readers, Twatsy? Really? I'm guessing those would be the progressives who, like you, still haven't figured out we're running a deficit. And think triangles have eight sides. Are those the "progressives" we're talking about here, Twats?

So what you're saying, Twatsy, is that it's a source of pride for you to attract awesomely stupid progressives. Good for you. I'm sure your Mom is proud.

Patrick Ross said...

And it's amazing that, after all of your:

-Support for assaulting the elderly
-Support of the injudicious use of tasers against university students
-Encouragement of people to stalk a blogging rival's children
-Slathering over PZ Myers even after he loses debates to far-less-than-inspiring opponents
-Applauding the harassment of beauty queens for answering questions with -- gasp! -- their actual opinions!
-Attacking the parents of fallen Canadian soldiers
-Demanding that academics be fired if they don't share your opinion
-Lying about the statements and opinions of blogging rivals

And a myriad of other things, those are the two things that you have to spout off about.

And really, Cynic, I implore you. Go ahead and ask Fat Arse what he really thinks of you.

Or even Balbulican.

Ouch. I know that one's going to sting.

Patrick Ross said...

Oh, and to top it all off:

I suppose the fact that you, in your ideological block-headedness, couldn't figure out that a political party founded on a racial ideology isn't progressive was entirely lost on you when you endorsed a separatist for Prime Minister.

Far more stupid than mistaking an octagon for a triangle in an extremely poor resolution photograph.

Then again, you've been dishonest about that for three years. How would anyone expect you to stop now?

CC said...

*Sigh*. I'm going to assume, Twats, that you're just way too stunningly fucking retarded to have noticed that it was not me that wrote that way about Gilles Duceppe, but my co-blogger, PSA.

I'm guessing that that makes absolutely no difference to someone as hideously retarded and uninterested in actual facts as you are.


Patrick Ross said...

So, what, then?

Your response is that it's actually your bestest buddy who's that fucking stupid?

And, yeah. He is.

But then again, you didn't seem to have anything bad to say about ol' Lindsay's endorsement of a separatist for Prime Minister -- and a racist party for government -- on your blog, nonetheless.

By the same rhetorical standard you've endlessly indulged yourself in applying to your ideological rivals, who could possibly do anything other than conclude that you share his opinion?

By your own standard of "logic" it's plainly evident that you do.

You fucking moron. And liar. Let's not forget liar, either.

Patrick Ross said...

Hateful, vicious, shameful and cowardly fuckwit comes to mind, too.

As does "loser". And "failure at life". And "waste of oxygen". And "waste of human life".

So what are you going to do now, crawl off somewhere and bawl about how some of your buddies don't seem to consider you nearly as impeccable as you'd like to believe?

CC said...

*Yawn*. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Twats.

Patrick Ross said...

Believe me, you worthless piece of trash, I sleep perfectly well at night.

But I'll put it to you this way: if you think that you're bothered by how cozy I've gotten with legitimate progressives now, just wait 'till you see the next few things coming out of the tunnel.

CC said...

I have no idea what that even means, but that's probably because I don't speak Mullet.

Patrick Ross said...

No, you have no idea what that means because you're a fucking idiot.

CC said...

Sure, if that makes you happy, Twats. I'll try to cope with the emotional devastation of your disapproval. I'll just use my regular links from places like CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post to console me. I figure I'll do just fine.

Say hi to your reader for me.

Patrick Ross said...


What a worthless, dishonest, retarded fuck!

Two links from the New York Times in 2005 counts as "regular links from CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post"?


CC said...

Jesus, Twatsy, but you're stupid. Do you really want to get into this pissing contest with me?

I repeat: Idiot.

CC said...

Oh, and the Wall Street Journal, Twats, you ignorant fuck. I'd forgotten all about the WSJ.

Seriously, Twatsy, do you ever get tired of being wrong about everything all the time? I would. I'm guessing you're just used to it by now.

Patrick Ross said...

So what, that's your most recent one?

From 2007?

Still a far cry from "regular", there bud.

And that one only took you, what, 36 minutes to find it?

You either don't know the definition of "regular", or you're just a liar.

...Oh, wait. We already know you're a liar. My bad.

Patrick Ross said...

Interestingly enough, your precious link is now long-gone. Now, we have posts linked there about stolen shoes, annoying people (not to be confused with yourself) and doctor's appointments.

You lying fucking douchebag. No one at CNN chose your post to be there. An automated online system chose it for them.

Oh. My. Dear. Lord.

You will never be taken seriously again. Ever.

CC said...

Oh, yawn. Really, Twatsy, it isn't even fun anymore hoofing you in the nads over and over and over. It's just sad.

For the love of God, just stay down. Please.

mystereeoso said...

Patrick Ross, your nexus arsehole bloggie is completely defined by CC. You NEED him to sell your shit.

Patrick Ross said...

Well, this relentless kicking of CC's ass wouldn't be complete if one of his sycophantic retards didn't stumble in here and try to re-write the entire affair.

And, for the record, it never ceases to amuse me precisely how many of you retards fail to get the joke.

Maybe some day I'll explain it to you. It's about your only hope of ever getting it.

CC said...

Fine, Twatsy, you win. Ignore the actual links I provided just a couple comments back (of which there are still more), and dance around the bonfire. Whatever floats your boat, or helps you masturbate to pictures of Werner Patels. Whatever makes you go away.


Patrick Ross said...


You provided one link. To a randomly-generated link. That is now long fucking gone.

A search of CNN and the Washington Post's websites generated zero hits. None. The New York Times was a little more productive. It generated two hits, both from four years ago.

Stay down. Take it like a... well, whatever the hell you figure you're supposed to be.