Monday, June 01, 2009

Did not think that one through, did we?

A really, really, really, really, really stupid Blogging Tory. And then, via Progressive blogger James Morton, we have some folks who actually think about stuff and shit.

Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories: When the issues are complex and nuanced and you need some thoughtful and insightful deliberation. But you still want to know what the retards think.


Gene Rayburn said...

Wow, until Onward James I thought I had seen an upper ceiling of stupidity. He calls Obama an extreme leftist in a previous post. Is there a Bizarro Canada that I've never heard about? Astounding how one man could be so deluded.

Ti-Guy said...

Is he really a Blogging Tory? I didn't see the banner and I'm sure as hell not going over to Fucktard Central to find out for sure.

This is contemptuous of Harper. Using the law to influence public opinion. Even if the proposed legislation makes sense, it will be unenforceable. And fuck the Liberals for mouthing support as well. But then, what else are you going to do when Jewish people are standing and clapping like trained seals? Be critical? God forbid; that's antisemitic.

Dee said...

Not only do I find the comments on Blogging Tory racist and offensive but dangerous.

I'm glad Morton is speaking out about the legislation.