Friday, June 05, 2009

Dear "Raphael": Piss off.

Over at Dr. Dawg's, the formerly rancid bigot known as "Raphael Alexander" is suddenly all about fairness and human rights:

If they don't let [Abdelrazik] come back to Canada on June 12, there's something seriously wrong. The settlement grows larger by the day...

This would be the same racist douchebag who, only a few months ago, was all about whether someone was really Canadian or, you know, not so much:

A “Canadian” is facing extradition on terrorism charges in France after he was convicted in absentia in October of 2001. The charges are that Abdellah Ouzghar [don't hurt yourself trying to pronounce that aloud] ...

Amazing how much energies are spent on these “Canadians”. Why, “Abdellah” is as Canadian as Maple Syrup, of course. Vaira, Omar, Bashir, Abdihakim, and Abousfian are also very important Canadians. Dr.Dawg can explain why.

Here's a suggestion, Raph -- stop trying to occasionally don that thin veneer of civilization. It's easier if you just go full-metal bigot and be consistent about it -- it saves the rest of us the trouble of trying to keep up with whatever level of sincerity you're trying to fake today.

Oh, and Raph? Hard to believe but those of us who've been arguing for Abdelrazik's return to Canada for some time now don't really need your support. Really, we're doing just fine without you and, besides, it's actually kind of classless and tacky for you to realize you're on the side of the losers and try to tiptoe quietly over to the winning team and hope no one notices.

In short, Raph, can you please quit with this open-minded and tolerance shtick you've adopted lately? You're not fooling anyone.


Stimpson said...

Nice how for RA it's mainly about how much money the govt will have to pay in a legal settlement. He's a real champion of rights.

Renee said...

You know, guys, it is ... remotely ... possible that he's seen the error of his racist, hidebound, xenophobic, anti-democratic, white nationalist ways. Maybe?