Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dear National Post: Let me give you a hand.

Canada's National Post -- or the Canwest Catholic Register as we like to think of it here at CC HQ -- ponders deep, theological imponderables:

Commandments lecture series: A professional atheist takes on God's laws

Are the 10 Commandments really enough for today's society? The Royal Ontario Museum will be asking three prominent social commentators over the next three weeks what three new commandments they would add. It kicks off tonight with author, journalist and well-known atheist Christopher Hitchens. Next Tuesday is author A.J. Jacobs and the following week Camille Paglia. Religion reporter Charles Lewis will report live from each event. And we are asking readers to tell us what they might add or subtract to make commandment more relevant today in our comment section.

Here you go, Post ... let me help you out.

You're welcome.

THE IMPENDING HILARITY: Commenter SQ sets the stage for Camille Paglia's appearance with a link to this. I'm sure the entertainment value of Ms. Paglia is going to be off the scale, mostly in a "Holy fuck, what a total Hunter!" kind of way.

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Southern Quebec said...

They are inviting Camille Paglia. THIS Camille Paglia:

Molly Ivins rocked!