Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dear man on the street: No, I don't care what you think.

If you want to see the face of true ugliness, you need only peruse the comments sections of the MSM for some reactions to the recent re-patriation of one Abousfian Abdelrazik, Canadian citizen. Behold, from the CBC:

How stupid is CANADIAN GOVERNMENT..........the one thing I thought Harper did right was not to fall on his sword when this crap came up in the media...I guess those days are over!!!!!!!!

Wonderful...should have left him there.....

Who paid for the flight, was it me the taxpayer?

He originally entered Canada illegally and claimed to be a "refugee" from Sudan. He now visits the country he is supposed to be a refugee from. If he really was a refugee why is he visiting Sudan? The UN has him marked as a suspect terrorist. I sure hope the RCMP keep a close eye on him.

They don't just put just anyone on the UN no-fly list. I would like to know what this immigrant did to get on the no-fly list. I guess the welfare rolls will get a little fatter next week.

Great to have him back...............NOT

I wonder how long before this peice [sic] of terrorist garbage files a lawsuit against the Canadian government.

who's coming next OSAMA-BIN-LADEN ? canada as become an haven for terrorist and there [sic] groups.

you can be certain neo-con the taxpayer payed the bill,

Oh Joy, what shall the leftards snot and bawl over this week? Oh yea they still have Khadr to free and repatriate into a country his family hates allegedly.

That last bit of dumbfuckitude was by MSM comments section fixture "SassyLassie," whose creepy racism and bigotry is well known. And things aren't much more pleasant over at CTV:

Was there a $10,000,000 cash payment waiting for him as he stepped off the plane. That seems to be the going rate for suspected terrorists.

did the liberal media roll out the red carpet for this character ?

Sorry, Canada is his "home"? He's been here give-or-take eight years out of his entire life. If I had fled a war-torn country to come here for a better life, why would I take a chance to go back even to visit my ailing mother. Now he won't be able to have a job or a bank account? Great, so will he end up on welfare in this country for the rest of his life, to which we will all be contributing? Nice.

Thats one more vote for the Liberal Party.
Obama now has another argument to thicken the border.
Turning our back on the UN and snubbing there no fly list is an insult to the world community.

I'll give you some truth that hurts. This guy was arrested when the Liberals were the government and they did nothing to help him.You lefties sure do have convienient memories.Seems to me a few cases of this happening was under a Liberal government but I guess it is easier to blame those conservatives.CTV and other might want to remind people of the facts every once in awhile.

Oh yes ...Canada open up your arms once again. We accept someone on a UN blacklist. Well done Canada, you once again gave my country away.

Thank god I lived the years I did cause this country is going down the tubes to destruction....and you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Comes to Canada as a refugee, but then returns to the country he fled from, and gets arrested, then pulls that Canadian Citizenship bulls%%t out of his back pocket. If you go back to the country you "fled" from for any reason, the government should let you rot, or go and find some bleeding hearts to send you some money for your defence. I am sick of people playing this game and I the taxpayer have to help bail them out.

They walk among you. Never forget that.

"What monstrosities would walk the streets, were some peoples' faces as unfinished as their minds."

- Eric Hoffer


Zorpheous said...

And the terminally stoopid are still allowed to breed and vote in this country. And people wonder why I closed up shop,... Thank the great flying spaghetti monster that CC is made of stronger stuff than I

Ti-Guy said...

The clueless mainstream media and its coterie of techno-boobs who have orgasms over the possibilities of user-generated content and "distributed editorial control." This is precisely what we *don't* need and yet, they can't stop giving it to us.

It's particularly egregious on the part of the CBC, since public funds are being used to resource this garbage, which really only entrenches ignorance through peer-reinforcement.

I thought Macleans was on to something when they established the MacLean's 50 (commenters who would most likely have informed opinions the rest of us would find useful). Unfortunately, they included shit-wits like l'il Stevie Taylor, Gerry Nicholls and Tom "Old Man Smell" Flanagan, who abused the privilege with their partisan assholery.

Dr.Dawg said...

As I've said before, conservatism is not a politics. It's a character issue.

Ti-Guy said...

It's a character issue.

That's a point of pride with them, since they believe character is synonymous with "principle" or "courage of conviction" or any other number of juvenile fantasies they desperately cling to, since they don't have anything else.

the rev. paperboy said...

dr. Dawg, I don't think its even a character issue, I think its a neurological problems. Seriously, I think some of these people have something biologically wrong with them sometimes.