Thursday, June 04, 2009

Corky and Lisa and Steve

Over at BCer in Toronto's digs there's an excellent article pointing out the excellent excellence of Oopsie Raitt's big adventure with special documents. Almost more fascinating is a comment left by one Mississauga Peter:

Last night, at about 6:15 p.m., I made my first visit inside the Parliament Buildings. Waiting for the 2 fine fellows (MPs) who were taking me up for dinner in the Parliamentary Cafeteria, I saw the aforementioned KORY TENEYCKE.

A fiftiesh man was coming through the doors and KORY told security that the man was going up to the Prime Minister's Office. He seemed to want to wisk the guy straight up the elevator, but security sent the fiftiesh man over to go through the metal detector.

Of course KORY had him "bud in" in front of a group of school children. But what he did next really shocked me. He took the fiftiesh guy's bag (about laptop size) and put it over his shoulder so it would not have to go through the metal detector. When I went through security, they had me turn on both my laptop and cell phone to make sure they were working. Security was busy and missed the exchange.

I stopped security and mentioned it to them. KORY and the fiftiesh aged man were out of sight, but the security guy did bring them back and had the bag go through the metal detector. But unlike me, the fiftiesh man never had to show his ID or to get an ID badge.

Can someone tell me if this proper and if this is acceptable?

Wiggles Bernier, Oopsie Raitt and Corky Teneycke, all exhibit a clear disregard for the basic protocols of security. The Harper led cons seem to have taken the notion that the rules and regulations apply to others but not to themselves. One of these bright days, a security slip will lead to a real crisis, be it military, economic or involving identity crimes and there won't be a bus big enough to roll over all the staff getting hurled under the wheels. And then there is the interesting case of the documents in recovery.

A week after the secret documents were left behind
at a friggin' TeeVee station, unnoticed by the minister, her aides and abetters, the government finally became aware of the gaffe and sent a staffer along to get the papers. Now, my understanding is limited on these matters but I'm told that such documents need to be transported securely in special double envelopes or under lock and key in NATO approved briefcases. These documents are also of the sort that are required to be signed out before leaving the premises. After a week, no one in the security apparatus missed these papers. Were they ever signed out or was that another protocol ignored? Anyway, we do know that there are strict regulations regarding the handling and transport of these sorts of documents.

Knowing that there would be interested media on hand, the governing party is still so blase about security that they send along a staffer who traipses back out the door of CTV's lobby with the documents loose under his arm. No evidence that the appropriate security is a consideration, even after getting burned in the media for incompetence, arrogance and stupidity. Perhaps wiser heads will share but the documents under this fella's arm don't appear to be secured from a stiff breeze much less a foreign agent, ne'er do well or ambitious teenager.

When will Raitt and her buddy Steven the Large take some responsibility for their actions? Or is that just something poor folk get to do?


LuLu said...

Welcome to Stephen Harper's New Newer Newest Government.

Transparency! Accountability! Rules? Fuck that!

P.S. The ISS is not that hard to find. Seriously.

Mike said...

That seems to SOP of the Cons eh? Security rules are for other people.

They really think they are above the law.