Sunday, June 21, 2009

Compassionate conservatism, as it were.

It's not the article, it's the comments that provide such side-splitting entertainment value:

And remember ... these people walk among you. That should make you nervous.


M@ said...

It must be great to be in power nowadays. As long as you say someone is involved with terrorists -- whether you have evidence of that or not -- people like Andy Garrett will instantly (and, need it be said, unthinkingly) jump to your defence.

Dance, puppets, dance.

Ti-Guy said...

Morons. The only thing close to being a terrorist here is the terrorist Harper government. I can't conceive of any reason for these gross violations of civil liberties except that it they are intended to send a message to the rest of us.

Harper to the Hague. Now!

Dharma Satya said...

but.... but... but.... Ti-Guy... he's ...BROWN.

Don't you get it?!!??!?!?!?

BRRRROOOOOOWWWWWWWN.... the scariest colour of them all!

(Except rainbow, of course. That's just EVEN WORSTEST.)

Ti-Guy said...

Actually blond is the scariest colour.