Saturday, November 24, 2007

Life on Kathy's planet.

Uh oh ... apparently, Kathy Shaidle is hoarding her meds again, as she stumbles shriekingly into her world of tangerine trees and marmalade skies:

If I sued everybody online who called me a "Nazi," Canadian Cynic, Dr. Dawg and their tiny band of dickless wonders would all be huddled around an alleyway bonfire, warming up their last dented tin of Habitant pea soup.

Well, yes, Kathy ... I'll give you the "dickless wonder" accusation, since I'm guessing my schlong isn't anywhere near the terrifying hunk of man-meat like yours or Ann Coulter's. But calling you a "Nazi?"

It's possible, of course, since I've certainly pointed out on occasion how you're little more than a putrid racist and rancid bigot. But "Nazi?" You'll have to refresh my memory, as I've done a quick scan of the archives here at CC HQ and that accusation pointed in your direction just doesn't seem to pop up.

I'm not saying it's not true, Kathy -- I'm just saying it doesn't jump off the page at me during a preliminary pass. So feel free to fill in the blanks. If you need help, I'm sure you know where to find Steve Janke.

P.S. For those who want to play along at home, if you look closely, you can see a small white text box up in the top left, in which you can type in a word to search for in the blog archives. And if you type in the word "nazi", you will indeed find numerous posts on this blog dating back to May of 2006 containing that word but, strangely, none of them making that accusation of ugly racist and genocide promoter Kathy Shaidle.

In fact, based on what I can read, I've never accused anyone of being a "Nazi" other than Jessica Beaumont, and that's only because she is a self-described Nazi sympathizer and advertises that fact quite proudly, so you really can't hold me responsible for that one.

Once again, then, it's always possible I've referred to Shaidle as a "Nazi" somewhere -- perhaps in someone's comments section. But if that's the case, it would be nice for that raving dingbat to at least provide a URL as proof. I'm sure she'll be forthcoming with that evidence any minute now. Yessir ... any minute now.

And a pony. I'd like a pony while we're at it.

P.P.S. It occurs to me that someone who publicly jokes about aboriginal genocide really doesn't have the moral high ground to be lecturing other people about hate speech, if you know what I'm sayin'.

P.P.P.S. I'm sure that, if Kathy's accusation against me turns out to be so much frothing puffery, then JoJo -- being the anal stickler for accuracy that she is -- will be all over Kathy like Patsy Ross on Werner's weiner. Anything less would be ... uncivilized.

: You know, as an avowed Catholic, I would have thought you'd be aware of that "not bearing false witness" thing. Apparently not.


Red Tory said...

I think Shaidle and her ilk rather perversely fancy the idea of being called Nazis, or at least imagining that they’re being reviled as such. It gives them a delicious thrill of some sort. Perhaps it spices up their otherwise barren lives.

the rev. said...

Whether you have or have not ever called La Shaidle a Nazi is largely irrelevant, given the content of her collected rantings.If the jackboot fits....

CC said...

While that might be a snappy comeback, Rev, there's principle involved here.

Given how the Idiotsphere loves to berate me for this, that and the other thing, it would be nice to think that they could at least do it without, you know, making shit up.

So if Shaidle wants to accuse me of calling her a "Nazi," then it's only fair that she back that up with a URL.

After all, that would be Catholic thing to do.

Southern Quebec said...

Did some quick research. You have called KKKathy, "batshit crazy, a dickless wonder, tacky, a shrieking racist, deranged, bile-spewing, a right-wing hatemonger and Catholic sociopath," but never a Nazi.

CC said...

Well, then, we're good here, given that all of the above is absolutely true.

I feel so vindicated, which means I can expect that apology from la Shaidle any minute now.

Dr.Dawg said...

Funny you should mention that. I've never called her a Nazi either. So I asked her outright for an apology. Here's what she responded:

Oh please. What haven't you called me and others? You are SO hopelessly
literal minded. It is a sign of stupidity you know.

Do with this what you will. : )

Ti-Guy said...

Do with this what you will. : )

I'm thinking of using it to etch glass or to clean the driveway. Also...and this is only rumour...I heard that Shaidle can clear drain clogs by staring witheringly at your sink.

I'm sure I've called that dry-drunk (?) cunt a nazi many times, but she has to forgive me because, every time, I've felt bad afterwards.

Dr.Dawg said...
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