Wednesday, October 17, 2007

That's some serious irony you got going there, Steve.

Junior Detective and self-described independent, freelance journalist Steve Janke has his ballsack in a knot over apparent ideological leanings by members of the fourth estate:

Richard Brennan is a reporter for the Toronto Star's Ottawa bureau.

As a reporter, Brennan has a responsibility to maintain a certain level of even-handedness. That doesn't mean a reporter has to like everyone, but there has to be an attempt to present an image of fairness.

One thing is to avoid the propaganda used by politicians.

So when Richard Brennan allows himself to be interviewed by the hard-left online website Harper Index, why does he sound like an NDP attack dog?

The eJankulator then goes on to give Brennan (and others) some words of advice:

1. Reporters are not to be interviewed by other publications.
2. Reporters are not to become news stories unto themselves.
3. Reporters are not to make statements that undermine their ability to present themselves as unbiased reporters.
4. Reporters are not to act in a manner that would undermine the ability of the Toronto Star as a whole to deal with politicians on all points of the spectrum.
5. Reporters are not to provide sound bites that could be used by one political party or another in partisan material.

Whoops, you forgot one, Steve -- "reporters" are not to become so outrageously libelous and/or slanderous that they get sued by the politicians they smear, whereupon they have to publicly apologize for their transgressions.

Whaddya think, Steve? I think that should be rule 6. But that's just me.


Ti-Guy said...

That Bucket-Head is lecturing reporters on what they should or shouldn't be doing?

Man, good thing that man's ass is large enough to accommodate his fat head.

Really, he's too stupid and deranged to take seriously.

mikmik said...

Stephin is not bringing vote.. yet, but Dion is threatening shite. i do doubt it, to much provincial activity, But he is adamant so far!~

mikmik said...

rule number 6: see rule number .9

#.9 - facetiuos fucks make rules. Pretentious fucks are facetious fucks. Sorry, should be .8, section A - Rules for and by pathetic fucks that wish to make fools of themselves.

The Seer said...

1. This is CC's blog.

2. No one wants to move in on CC's blog; anyone who wants can start his or her own blog, even if no one will read it which is, of course, a violation of the fee speech rights of the noveaublogger.

3. CC's posting has been a little light lately, and it's not because CC's returned to the Mother Country; it was his coblogger who returned.

4. One of the side effects of the Richard Evans controversy is that I was introduced to the term "Calgarian." Now, maybe it was because I was associating the term "Calgarian" with "Councilor Evans," but what I heard when a saw the term "Calgarian" for the for the first time was “Klingon.”

I need help on this. Are all Calgraians as scary as Richard? Are Calgarian frostbacks more dangerous than illegal immigrants from the rest of Canada? (My own uncle entered the US illegally from Alberta.) Isn’t Glorious Leader a Calgarian? Should I be more scared of Glorious Leader than Richard?