Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kreationists ar stoopid.

You learn something new every day, I guess:

... scientists have computed that to provide a single protein molecule by chance combination would take 10262 years. Take thins [sic] pieces of paper and write “1” and then zeros after them – you would fill up the entire known universe with paper before you could write that number.

Excuse me ... I'll be back in about three minutes.


The American Anthropologist said...

Clearly these geniuses are using a base 1 number system.
Seems appropriate.

Adam said...

I'd say they just mis-typed and that many sheets of paper would fill the universe (?), but the level of detail on how to write the number is pretty high. So they're just stupid. The whole webpage makes me suspect a prank, but never overestimate a creationist.

Oh, and I loved this particular bit of total idiocy and ignorance : "creation of the material universe – evolutionists believe the “Big Bang” theory. The particles are expanding outward, will eventually stop and return again to where they started. Gravity would pull them apart again and this oscillating back and forth will continue forever"

Now, even allowing for the complete stupidity of trying to pin the Big Bang theory on biologists (who are at least scientists, and therrefore this statement is closer to correct than most on the page), they have the effect of gravity entirely backwards. Gravity pulls things apart?

and the old favourite : Probability experts point out that if the chances are greater than 1 in 10^50, it will never happen.. sigh. I'm a probablity expert, as one of the few, the proud, the Statisticians, and I'd never say that. In fact, if I had a probability calculated, I could tell you exactly how often I'd expect it to happen....

Kelseigh said...

I refer you to Russell's Law, "It is impossible to distinguish a creationist from a parody of a creationist."

I've been following Conservapedia since the big publicity it got via the blogs back in March, and I can honestly say this sounds legit. These are people who are against stellar evolution because it's got the word "evolution" in it, and are convinced that all scientists (except Creation Scientists) are out to destroy the Majesty of God or something. They're just a wee bit insane.

Oh, and try the anti-relativity crowd, they're good for a few laughs, too.