Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Heh heh ... I love being right.

From back here, I took issue with blaming the poor computers:

So that would be the "technological error" of a human being doing something unspeakably fucking stupid, and the computer doing exactly what it had been told to do but, what the hell, let's blame the technology, shall we? It's just easier that way.

Luckily, given time, the truth will eventually out:

In a statement released this afternoon (which can be read in full below) a committee spokesperson clarified that the error was, in fact, human. For those of you interested in the nitty gritty, the "nonpartisan, clerical employee" of the committee who was tasked with sending the email out to the list screwed up by assuming that checking "private" in Microsoft Outlook's Distribution List function meant that recipient names would be hidden. Alas, not so.

Good. And maybe this represents the beginning of a pattern -- not blaming the technology when it's a "PEBKAC" issue.

P.S. Deciphering "PEBKAC" is left as an exercise for the reader.


E in MD said...

Yeah that's an ID10T error right there.

The Seer said...

I've been meaning to ask: Is it true that CSIS puts a chip in Blackberries sold outside Canada that permits CSIS to read their contents and intercept their emails?

Zorpheous said...

Life is always a PICNIC when it comes to computers and users ;-)

Oh, btw CC, I'm going to send you a special Stevelock Holms and Doctor Jankie graphic for when the boy detectives get into their super sleuthing gear in the future.