Sunday, October 14, 2007

Don't hold your breath waiting for a retraction.

It was Mark Twain who once wrote, "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."

Not surprisingly, you can find the initial lie over at Kate's septic tank of a blog:

Oops - In the wake of a British court ruling that the "documentary" contains material errors of fact, a "call to return Inconvenient Truth Oscar" A nice gesture, if altogether empty. After all, Michael Moore still has his.

And now that Kate is quite finished being a total douchebag for right-wing misrepresentation, we can let Tim Lambert set the record straight.

And, no, I'm not actually going to suggest that some of the wanks who made that initial accusation have the courtesy to post a correction and an apology. I long ago outgrew that childish delusion.


Ti-Guy said...

And her craptacular blog is considered among the "best in Canada."

Like I've always said, you can serve rightwingers shit sandwiches and they'll ask for seconds.

Somena Woman said...

I served up a great news story about a corrupt politician who used his "connections" to "cash in on his credits" with former collegues in the BC Legislative assembly to lobby for money to fund a massive boondoggle for which this corrupt politican would greatly increase the amount of monkey in his bank account.... added to this story is the fact that the guy used borrowed treaty negotiation money for a year to front this enterprise.... ANGRY was nice enough to blog about it to raise the profile of the story after the Vancouver Sun and Times Colonist headlined it....

What do the right-wing turds and their buddies do? They comment that "Some of the BC Liberals are right wing" and start in with ad-hom attacks on me....

Yah -- Because that's the important part of the story.

thwap said...

I'm not sure that I'd like monkeys in my bank account. :)

Somena Woman said...

you're right. They fling their poo everywhere. Hard to clean up :)

Anyways, I've emailed Angry asking him to erase my comments trying to defend the story... because it's an important story and it's not about me, as much as the right-wing trollitariat want to make it about me...

Funny... they complain so much about corruption in Indian affairs, but when an Indian actually does something to stop the corruption they throw a conniption fit - I guess because the corruption involves a right-wing white guy.

mikmik said...

You know what? We don't have to argue with anybody. We don't have anything to prove, the magnitude of the nobel awards are long recognized and well respected in highest international regard, long ago.
It is a red herring to argue credibility. Yeah, Watson and Crick are foolish darwanists that scammed the nobel commitee, ask any fundamentalist mental freak.

The pretentious sanctimosity of idiot sticks like SDA, is bombastic, and trite. It is well to fuck them up with facts, I do believe and partake of.
Remember the big shtink about the thermometer at the weather station in California? I went to SDA and illuminated the masses to the trivial insignifgance of supposed innaccurate temp measurements, gave links to all websites from the NOAA, gave links to the provincial freak that was obsessed with this one supposed regerssion of 'tampering with data', and mentioned that whatever the fuck details are debatable, the ice is melting badly all over the world.
Guess what? Even the commenters there began to say such as 'yeah, the ice melts' and 'the general consensus' are blatant, and gridgingly many , no not grudgingly, but honestly commented that such undeniable climate effects had zero to do with one little reporting station.

They were shown, by little old pretentious me, that even the so called abberations in credibility of said weather station were assumptions, and that many other interpretations or conclusions were possible or even likely.

Global Climate Change won the nobel prize, and fucking trivial beefs with supposed innacuracies in 'An Inconveniant Truth' are insignifigant banalities at best. Tell these deeply stunned fuckheads that the matter is over and done, that Gore and IPCC informations are recognized as the most important contributions to world peace this year, and shut the fuck right up, you can't do anything about it, you impotent and infantile morons.

And hey, CC, make your links just text to copy into the address bar - long ago the stunned cunt at SDA has 403ed referalls from your site here. We have to be at google, for instance, and then go to the ste with a copy of the address for small dead weasels pasted into the address bar of IE or FireFox, or whatever.

Kudos, though, for exposing transparent idiots at BT and elsewhere, for it is an important attitude to take towards ignorant fucks, and exposing their hypocrisy so sublimly is manifest with not condoning bullshit and lies and puer stupidity.
Even the occasional comment I get in at these places must at least appeal to a few of the dunderheads, and even the most insipidly loyal cows have to see that there are serious diversions from established reality in the tripe posted by JoJo, et al.

The Seer said...

Having had the oprtunity to mulll and remull the Gore Prize, I have decided there is a message in it, though more of a social than a political message. It's like the Europeans are telling us they understand, which is a little more comforting than "no hard feelings," and that as soon as Hillary moves back into the White House, it's going to be like old times.

I think Canadians should take the opportunity to send a similar message, and that Canadians instinctively would, if they still had the sense, and in this case I have to disagree with Joanne, who sees McGinty's revanche as an unmitigated tragedy. I read it as hope. So if a counter-message is needed, we Americans understand Canada and find comfort in the election that Stephen & Sandra ultimately will have to call.

Ti-Guy said...


mikmik said...

You know, Sandra, the hooker in the hot tub.