Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dick Evans: Pulling back the curtain, and time to move on.

As droningly monotonous as this has become, I believe we can finally put this issue to rest and get back to the important job of whapping around those of Canada's conservatives who are not constantly driving traffic to web sites that promote pedophilia.

In response to Dr. Dawg's rebuttal to Dick here:

No matter how you try to spin it, CC seems quite happy with the idea that a 45 year old man can have sex with a 14 year old boy.

CC said no such thing, anywhere. Hence, you have defamed him under the law. Keep digging.

we can finally see that Dick has nothing, as this is the best he can do:

If CC hadn’t been sanitizing his comments sections, you’d see otherwise:

My comments section? Dick's accusation is based on something from my comments section!?!? And one that he simultaneously admits has been "sanitized," which suggests that he's got absolutely nothing!!! God Almighty, but is it even physically possible to be stupider than that?

But wait ... let's give Richard the benefit of the doubt and see what he's yammering on about, as we follow his link to the comments section in question here, where we find ... squat. And in terms of "sanitizing" comments to perhaps remove the incriminating evidence, we can see that there are exactly two comments that have been deleted: the first by its own author (whoever that might have been), and the second by me because it was from Richard himself, which is painfully obvious as you can read from the comment that immediately follows, in which I tell him to please just fuck off.

So that's the foundation of your smear campaign against me, is it, Dick? A comments section that doesn't even remotely suggest what you've been claiming all this time?

Oh, man, that's delightful. In short, you got nuthin'. Your bluff has been called, and you're now standing out there all alone, with your nutsack swaying in the breeze. Suddenly, that whole idea of legal action is looking more and more appealing by the minute.

I don't know what I'm going to do with this, but I'm going to give it some thought. And while I'm doing that, Dick, you might want to sit down with the wife and kids and ask them how keen they are on getting dragged through whatever I can dream up if you keep pissing me off. And trust me, Dick, if you keep pissing me off, I will dream something up.

Have a nice day, Dick.

AND THE INDESCRIBABLE DOUCHEBAGGERY CONTINUES: Apparently, one of Richard's adoring fans has shown up over in Richard's comments section, and insists on, well, making shit up:

And now Candian Cynic has a threat up about Richards wife and children.

don’t know what I’m going to do with this, but I’m going to give it some thought. And while I’m doing that, Dick, you might want to sit down with the wife and kids and ask them how keen they are on getting dragged through whatever I can dream up if you keep pissing me off. And trust me, Dick, if you keep pissing me off, I will dream something up.

What a class act you guys all support. It must feel just fantastic to be on his ‘team’. I mean, honestly you are defending this guy against a lawsuit while he threatens people’s families.

Frankly, that is exactly what I find about the ‘left’ totally disgusting. The end always justifies the means, right?


Since I admittedly chose my words badly, let me clarify this. I have nothing against Richard's family. Nothing whatsoever. In fact, I feel intensely sorry for them at this point, and I'm almost tempted to find out how to get ahold of his wife so I can recommend a good womens' shelter. But that's not the point here.

I wasn't suggesting that I was going to drag them through anything. I was suggesting that, if Richard was determined to escalate this, then things were going to get ugly and they were going to get dragged through whatever happened, just based on being there, nothing more. Unfortunate but related bystanders, as it were.

Are we good now? Do we understand one another? And can I expect a retraction from Richard's boneheaded commenter?

No, no, I was just joking with that last part. After all, being a conservative means never having to say you're sorry. Or sentient.

AND THEY'RE OFF ... AND RUNNING. Well, you knew that was coming:

... when that mouthy little turd starts to threaten a persons family he must be identified for obvious safety reasons.

Yes, we now have our new, unstoppable, right-wing talking point. Despite the fact that I have now clarified what I meant, the claim that I threatened Richard's family has now taken on a life of its own and cannot possibly be contained, and it will, of course, be used as a whole new justification for why I must be exposed to the world. After all, since the original rationale has now crashed and burned, a new one must be constructed to take its place as quickly as possible.

Apparently, these people can fabricate myths just as fast as one can debunk them. You can't possibly be surprised anymore.


Phyl said...

Man, they're good at taking perfectly clear words and distorting them utterly, aren't they?

They're disgusting.

CC said...

Actually, Phyl, I'll 'fess up that my wording left something to be desired. But now that I've clarified it, you and I both know that they're now going to deliberately misrepresent what I wrote.

Just watch ... you know it's coming.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't this point, I've concluded that his wife musn't have much of a problem with any of this.

...weep for the Evans children is all I can suggest.

lenny said...

I've long suspected that Evans may have been Chris Cooper's inspiration for the role of Col Fitts in American Beauty, but this is uncanny:

Crabgräss said...

Holy crap, Lenny, you're right.

Ti-Guy said...

Ugh...let's not go there. Richard Evans and his stable of male bloggers (and his obsession with NAMBLA) have long manifested something about him I'd rather not think about.

Dr.Dawg said...

That "Commenter" prick actually brought my late partner into it. At least one of Dick's regulars found that a bit much, or I'd be tempted to generalize.

lenny said...

"Commenter", AKA The Pasty-Faced Mullet of Assholery, AKA Patrick Ross.

Mentarch said...

Yeah - Patrick Ross ... no surpises there, eh?

Incredible - some folks never cease to amaze me with their primitive mind-thinking, disassembling, conniving and mendacious ways.

Right-wing "brilliance" at its best indeed ...

CC said...

No way ... are you serious? The unnamed "Commenter" who demanded that I be unmasked for "safety reasons" was Patrick Ross? The yappy little shit who, back here, wrote:

"You can rest assured that, when I ascertain your true identity (and I will), I will publish it here on the Nexus. Then I'll mail copies of your comments to your friends and family...

Beatings are fickle. Bruises and broken bones heal. Let's face it, Cynic, it isn't a beating you're afraid of. It's having to face your loved ones, with them knowing everything you've spouted from that trash heap you facetiously refer to as your blog, that you should really be afraid of. It's the toll this could all take upon your personal life that you need fear.

That's the dingbat who is now complaining about my manners? Oh, man ... I need a word somewhere beyond "irony."

Phyl said...

Was he the stalker you talked to the police about, CC?

Meanwhile, you're screen-capping everything, right?? What you actually say versus what they pretend you said?

Because you know, with all their badly-repressed hate, it's going to boil up and explode at some point eventually.