Monday, October 22, 2007

Because you always need a good punchline.

What's the only thing more entertaining than being reminded how much of a retard Dinesh D'Souza is? Being reminded that there are still people who admire him.

That was unnecessarily cruel, wasn't it?


Ti-Guy said...

I only had a vague recollection of D'Souza's history (something about having fucked Ann Coulter and some relationship to Darmouth College), but I came across this article last week from the Dartmouth Free Press cataloguing the atrocities of the Darmouth Review, which was edited at one point by Dinesh D'Souza:

In’81, The Dartmouth Review printed the names of the officers of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) along with material that had been taken from the GSA’s confidential files. The grandfather of one of these closeted students found out his grandson was gay when he read his copy of The Review. Another of these outed students contemplated suicide. When asked about this, founding editor Greg Fossedal says: “I felt terrible about it.” When students held a protest over the printing of the names, however, Review staffers played croquet on the other side of the Green.

Editor Dinesh D’Souza said they had not known the GSA had an exemption from making its officers’ name public.

Christian, my ass. The guy's a fucking nazi from way back.

E in MD said...

This reject from Philosophy 101 again... *sigh*

Lets assume for a second that there is in fact a supernatural reality above or below the reality we can see. We cannot perceive this reality. We cannot affect it in any way, no matter what new developments science might come up with. Since we cannot perceive this reality, it cannot effect us. Therefore wondering about this reality is completely and utterly pointless. Anyone can make any claim they want ( and do ) because nobody can see this supposed reality or refute or verify their claims. It is a waste of time and a diversion from a reality that is in fact very real.

Philosophy aside, there are a billion people starving on this world currently. Wars, global warming, plague, torture, Republicans, poverty and death and these morons are using schoolyard 'Nanny Nanny boo boo, Atheists aren't bright because I said so' as a debate tactic.

You know what? Christ told you to fucking fix all the things above that I listed. You've had roughly two thousand years to do so and you're busy listening to some moron behind a podium tell you what he believes everything is.

Christ told you to heal the sick, and feed the hungry and clothe the naked. He also told you to love your neighbor and your enemy. Why don't you fucktards try ACTING like Christ wanted you to instead of distracting yourself constantly on ephemeral bullshit?

As an Atheist I am not going to heaven. But if the Xtians turn out to be right, and I go to hell. I'll be waiting for all of THEM to join me. I'm gonna save them all a seat on the Bus. Because the ones that actually follow the teachings of Christ are few and far in between and they sure as hell don't include people who sit around debating while other people are suffering.

Sorry Xtian right wing morons, when I have a heart attack I'm not going to a priest. I'm going to someone who graduated from a medical school that doesn't include ID as a course requirement.

Your personal beliefs are your own damned business. Quit trying to shove them down my throat.

M@ said...

From the Carpetbagger:

Colbert: I agree with you. There are some good ideas these guys [the terrorists] have. This is what you’re saying, that there are some parts of our culture that are corrosive, and you agree with some of the things that they’re saying.

D’Souza: I’m saying that…

Colbert: No, you have the courage to say that, right? That you agree with some of the things these radical extremists are against in America.

D’Souza: I’m more concerned…

Colbert: Do you agree with that statement? Just, do you agree with that statement?

D’Souza: I agree with it.

Colbert: OK, good. Finally, someone has the courage to say that there are there things in America that the liberals do that are causing our destruction.

That's the level of genius we're dealing with, here. Fergusrush, feel free to leap to his defence again any time.

Unknown said...

Why does it not surprise me, matt, that you use The Colbert Report to make your point?

Dr.Dawg said...

In fairness, Daimnation actually kicked D'Sousa's butt last January, sort of. Seems to me a good strategic move.

But Damian says, "I have no doubt Islamists really do despise an American culture they perceive as too secular, permissive and decadent."

So the solution is? Impose Sharia law, execute gays and enslave women. That'll get the Islamists off our backs! Somehow D'Souza avoids his own obvious conclusion. There's a lot of satire to be written about the self-swallowing Right, for sure.

M@ said...

Well, Fergus, I know you don't get all caught up on what people actually say or anything. It wasn't really for your benefit that I posted that.

But don't feel compelled to have a point yourself -- just because everyone else is doing it doesn't make it necessary for you to do it. Vague ad hominums are a great substitute.

CC said...


Stop picking on fergus, while he's desperately thinking of a lame excuse to not have to criticize D'Souza. It's not fair -- you're better than fergus, you're smarter and, gosh darn it, people don't think you're a total fuckwit.

So just give him a break -- it's not nice to pick on dumb animals.