Sunday, January 21, 2007

You're SURE you have nothing better to do?

From the "Way too much free time on my hands" file:

But have a look at the video of her announcement. Rather than her "let's chat" rap, please focus on the background. Look out the door. Presumably the announcement was shot in one of Hillary's homes: Chappaqua or Georgetown. Now I know it's been a mild winter, but even so, surely the leaves are gone from the trees and bushes in either spot. And check out the yellow spot in the bushes. At first I thought it was just a warm dapple of sunshine. But freeze the frame when, about 1/4 of the way through, Hillary says "how to end the deficits that threaten Social Security." That's not sunshine -- those are flowers in bloom.

...what's the story? Did Hillary have this video in the can during all those months while she was claiming to be making up her mind? Was it a carefully staged artificial background? ....

What the deuce? We must get to the bottom of this! Quick, someone call Steve Janke ... oh, wait ... he's busy.

(Ripped shamelessly from the headlines over at TBogg, where I couldn't resist a little blogwhoring. So sue me.)

FREE AT NO EXTRA CHARGE: Steve Janke and Damian Penny's partners in wankitude over at Open Bathrobe Media are on the case. I highly recommend the third comment from "tb", to which whose savagely surgical snarkitude I can only aspire.


Simon said...

If you can convince Steve Janke that somehow Hillary's vagina was involved, I'm sure he'd drop the ongoing Sheehan gynecological investigation and form a new task force.

Ti-Guy said...


A national-level reporter whom I respect informs me that the video was
produced last week in DC. The reporter does not know whether the
background is natural.



Janke, drop that speculum, get Cindy out of the stirrups and get on this. I'm smelling Pulitzer here.