Sunday, January 28, 2007


Sadly No reads Mark Steyn, so you don't have to.

AFTERSNARK: Naturally, I would be remiss ...


Mike said...

LOL "Canada's Leading Asshole".

Almost spit up my coffee! Thanks CC for the link to another blogger worth reading.

eastern front said...

After reading the comments and checking Wikipedia, I have learned that Steyn divides his time between the "Live Free Or Die" state and la belle province.

One wonders where he gets his medical care. But, I suppose there's no way to find out.

Too bad.

Ti-Guy said...

Guy's got a British accent to boot.

Steyn's the phoniest arsehole around.

Niles said...

He's got his airtime. That's all that matters. Just like the police would NEVER arrest someone if they weren't guilty of something (the reichwing meme on Arar not being taken off lists) Steyn must have something to say because he gets printed in both countries. The magic of publishing ink. (If it's in a book, it must be true!)

I just like the idea that he doesn't go to live full time in the USA, since it means he could vote and such for the beloved Leader. Or is that not a necessity of his immortal faith in the Republic??

I mean after all, which underclass in Quebec is he insulating himself from? And can that quote be repeated on lawn signs all over the province? I think that would solve Black Bloc's problem, vite vite.

Or is he dying to get in on the ground floor of the Canadian "movement"? Reading his stuff, I personally have the word peristalsis pop to mind linking him and a movement.