Thursday, January 18, 2007

Speaking of greenhouse gases, where HAVE you folks been?

It's just a little mind-numbing to hear the Conservatives go after the Liberals' 13-year record on climate change and greenhouse gases when, for all that time, the vast majority of that same CPoC denied the existence of that very problem.

Here's Olaf, stroking himself to the pinnacle of sanctimonious outrage a few months back:

Memo to Liberals: Cram it for 12 years

... You, your party, the Liberals, have been signing contracts your asses can't collectively cash and consulting (or not doing anything), for 13 years, while allowing greenhouse gases to rise by 27%, instead of dropping the 6% below 1990 levels as promised in the Kyoto Accord, which you signed.

Yeah. Fucking Liberals, dicking around, doing squat about ... about ... well, about a problem that Olaf's glorious leader Stephen Harper just recently dismissed with a fair amount of contempt:

PM denies climate-change shift

December 21, 2006

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, flying in the face of his past public comments, says now he has never questioned the science behind climate change...

Harper's denial, however, doesn't exactly square with comments he has made in the past, notably one remark just days ago about "so-called" greenhouse gases.

At a news conference in the Senate foyer a week ago, Harper said in defence of his environmental plan: "As we implement our clean-air agenda, the focus is a little different than the other parties. They focus only on so-called greenhouse gases and ignored smog entirely."

Back in the 2004 election campaign, Harper said of climate change: "The science is still evolving."

And in September 2002, Harper said this when asked about the "greenhouse effect:" "It's a scientific hypothesis, a controversial one and one that I think there is some preliminary evidence for. ... This may be a lot of fun for a few scientific and environmental elites in Ottawa, but ordinary Canadians from coast to coast will not put up with what this (Kyoto accord) will do to their economy and lifestyle, when the benefits are negligible."

So here's a suggestion, Olaf: Shut the fuck up. Seriously. Given that Canada's Conservatives have adamantly planted their heads firmly up their backsides on the subject of greenhouse gases and climate change, you have a truckload of nerve to complain about people who allegedly didn't do anything about it for the last 13 years.

Here's an idea, Olaf. Let's go to the historical record and see what the CPoC and its historical predecessors were saying about climate change for the last 13 years. Were they raising the issue in Parliament? Were they holding the Liberals' feet to the fire? Were they demanding action on this increasingly worrisome issue?

Or were they as fucking stupid and clueless as they've always been, and only now want to erase the last 13 years of their own ineptitude, neglect and scientific illiteracy?

Really, Olaf, if your current ideological bunkmates were, only last year, pooh-poohing the entire notion of drastic climate change, then you really don't have the moral high ground to be bitching about the fact that someone else didn't deal with it.

So put a sock in it, all right?


Paladiea said...

I told Olaf the same thing, cept nicer.

Anonymous said...

Read your post twice and couldn't find the part where you say just exactly what the Liberals DID do during those 13 years.

You're just bitching about the other guy bitching.

Ti-Guy said...

Read your post twice and couldn't find the part where you say just exactly what the Liberals DID do during those 13 years.

How sad. You read the post twice and you thought the post was about the Liberals?

The darkness and bleakness of illiteracy. It is to weep.

CC said...

anonymous writes:

"Read your post twice ...

Well, you know what they say -- third time's a charm.

eb said...

Wow, anon, really? I mean, really? Really? Your point is completely neither here nor there. In fact, you don't have a point, since you missed the point of CC's post completely.

Where did you learn to rebut? 'Cause that was possibly one of the worst I've ever seen. And I've read quite a bit of Conservative garbage lately.

Thanks for trying, though. It was almost cute. Almost.

catnip said...

You're just bitching about the other guy bitching.

Okay. Obviously nobody sent me the memo that that was not allowed. That should put basically all of the MSM and the blogosphere out of business, not to mention every single politician and anyone without enough capacity to form an opinion.

Are there any other rules I need to know about?

Anonymous said...


You are a fucking moron. My comment was not a rebuttal, it was an observation. Buy a fucking dictionary and use it.

Adam C said...

He/she has got you there, eb. Irrelevant observations don't make for much of a rebuttal.

For a fucking dictionary, I recommend the Kama Sutra.

eb said...


Your glib repartee castigating my sesquipedal knowledge of lexical English has somewhat regaled me. Please, allow me to retort:

Your "observation", as I facetiously remonstrated, is neither here nor there vis-à-vis CC's post. It was the scriptural equivalent of two bald men fighting for a comb; essentially less than mind-numbingly pointless. Your pitiable attempts at masquerading your drudge as simply a tripe aside is evidently a method of hubristic preservation.

In future, I think it unwise for you to challenge my erudition with such paltry "observations" and calumniations, seeing as how you're so stunningly nescient.

Your original post was to discredit, detract and/or demean whilst misdirecting the point of CC's post. Thus, its intent was to repel (i.e. cause aversion). As I'm sure your dictionary will tell you, (assuming, of course, you have one. If not, I'll wait here until you buy one. Go on...) "to repel" is a definition (or at the very, very least, depending on dictionary, a simile) of "rebut".

Ergo, buy yourself a "fucking dictionary" and please "use it," especially if you plan on challenging someone as "megagaltastic" as I.

Anonymous said...

Gee, a fucking moron who has a friend that knows how to use a thesaurus. Wonders never cease.

eb said...

Tell me about it. I'm still amazed at your ability to breathe and type at the same time. Good job, kid!

Okee dokee. Here's the deal, princess. It's evident to me by your incredibly original wit and your astute sense of "observation" that you do not have much practise coping with people who so accurately call you on your bullsh!t (let alone verbally eviscerate you as I have).

Well, I'm in a good mood today. So Imma level with you, Tinkerbell. You don't even have to apologize to me or CC for being so horrendously in the wrong. I mean, you can't help it if you're so unbelievably hebetudinous, right? Of course not.

Just do us all a favour and the next time you feel like talking: think twice about it before you do. Three times, even. Okay, maybe four. 'Cause if your posts are any indication of your daily prattling, I think I speak for everyone when I say we can do without your half-witted irrelevancies, thank you very much.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

I stand by my statement: you are a fucking moron, with a friend who owns a thesaurus.

Anonymous said...

fuck you all.