Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Simple answers to simple questions.

How physically stupid is it possible for one human being to be?

Answer: This stupid.

This has been another edition of "Simple answers to simple questions."

OH, THE IRONY. It's hard to believe that someone as imbecilic as Dr. Roy actually got through medical school but, if he summons up all that intellectual horsepower of his, he might want to consider that the election of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney was almost certainly unconstitutional:

Since Cheney lived in Texas at the time, choosing him led Bush into a situation that, if the words of our Founding Fathers still have any meaning, is unconstitutional. The Constitution forbids a state's electors from voting for candidates for president and vice president who are both "an inhabitant of the same state as themselves." Yet by voting for Bush and Cheney, electors in Texas did precisely that. Cheney lived in Texas, had a Texas driver's license and filed his federal income tax using a Texas address. He had also voted in Texas, not in Wyoming, a state where he had not lived full-time for decades.

Not to worry, though -- that's what timely change of address forms are for, right?


Ti-Guy said...

Sionce her husband cannot run, this is an attempt to bypass the constitution. In any case she acted like a co President for 8 years. So I think her candidacy is unconstitutional.

I had to read Dr. Roy's opiate-based medication influenced post to get to his thesis and that...that...was the pay-off?

I want those 30 seconds back.

I guess, on the day they teach the difference between medical doctors and constitutional scholars in medical school, Dr. Roy was in the quad smoking crack or something.

Simon said...

Wait a second, this Dr. Roy buffoon is a medical doctor? Wow. My assumption was that he got his PhD, perhaps in theology, from a Cracker Jack box.

This feeling of shock & awe is reminiscent of the time I found out that Adam Dumbfallujah had been published, and was appearing on TV and writing newspaper columns.

What's next, I find out that Wayne works in government??

The Seer said...

In case it does not make it past the "moderator," this is the comment I left at Dr. Roy's site:

Your conclusion that Hillary Clinton is prohibited from being elected president of the United States because she was a "femme covert" while her husband served is absolutely amazing and is offensive to Americans.

The amendment begins with the phrase "[n]o person]" and the word "person" is not mere surplusage.

Are you this loose when you make your medical diagnoses?

Ti-Guy said...

What's next, I find out that Wayne works in government??

That's "Dr. Wayne," don't you know.

Dr. Roy's an endocrinologist. So basically, he spends his days titrating urine.

southernquebec said...

CC: You should have posted a warning about clicking on his web site. When you click, the first thing you see is Stevie kissing Mrs. Stevie (don't know her name) Euhhhhh.

Simon said...

Maybe Dr. Roy's been dipping steadily into his radioiodine supply - that could explain a lot.