Saturday, January 27, 2007

No, Spanky ... the gun points the OTHER way.

There is no issue so dangerously toxic or radioactive or indefensible that The Politic's Spanky won't wade right in and grab the two sparking live wires lying on the floor. That would be comment 4.

And don't miss Spanky's partner in dumbassitude Shane Edwards finding himself in a hole and continuing to dig. My, the fun times they must have over there.

P.S. Spanky's building up a real reputation for open-minded tolerance, defending ridicule of aboriginals after having supported Kathy Shaidle's racism and chuckled over female genital mutilation.

I see a future Conservative Party Minister of Multiculturalism. I mean, if they can have a Justice Minister who broke the law, well, what the hell, eh?

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