Monday, January 29, 2007

Life inside the bubble.

The first sentence says it all:

I don't buy into the theory of global warming.

Yeah, that's where I stopped reading, too.

JUST SO YOU KNOW, the Arctic Ice is apparently melting so rapidly that oil and gas companies are getting little woodies over new places to drill.

Yeah, that'll solve the problem.


Southern Quebec said...

You should have read the whole article. Very funny -- I didn't know he did satire! It's cold in Florida so that proves this Global Warming Thing is just nonsense. Love it. I guess he missed the story out of Australia today that there is such a water shortage, they are recycling RAW SEWAGE into drinking water. (Doesn't that sound good!) Jonathan sounds like he has been in the sun a little toooooo long.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you get into the comments, you get to see him demanding "empiracle" evidence, and alleging that facts are theories that have been proven by such evidence.

Don't rip yourself off.

Declan said...

Funny, I stopped reading at exactly that same spot as well...

Crabgrass said...

Speaking of junk science, have you heard about this alleged connection between tobacco and cancer? Holy shit, people will believe just about anything!