Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is that your final answer?

So ... you're sure you want to go public with that little sentiment?

I think that any society that worships a death by whipping yourself silly has got more than few deep rooted problems.

For once, BB, I think you might have something there.


Niles said...

So, uhm..other than he thinks the kids are being sliced up into bloody messes while blithely sucking a finger and being more interested in the camera person than dear old male relative doing some sort of ritual (Ashura has to do with Abraham and the son sacrifice that never happened doesn't it?)....

....this blogger skips over Easter celebrations where good Christians the world over flog themselves in parades and inflict other self torments to put themselves in sympathy with their Lord's pain? Those re-enactments of the crucifixion are always barn burners. Not to mention the ever popular cilice as an fashion accessory to religious mortification.

M@ said...

But Niles! You know that that happens mostly in the Philippines! So they're brown christians!

Totally different!

Note: They are not true Scotsmen either.