Monday, January 22, 2007

I'M logically and justifiably angry based on a careful consideration of the facts. YOU'RE just unhinged.

If you're a regular reader of the right-wing blogosphere (or "wankersphere" as we like to call it here at CC HQ), you will have learned one fundamental, unassailable truth in your travels: If you ever criticize George W. Bush -- for anything -- it cannot possibly be because you have a good reason. That is simply not a notion that will be entertained.

Instead, you are clearly and irredeemably unhinged and deranged, to the point where you suffer from "Bush Derangement Syndrome" (BDS). And what is BDS? In short, it's when you disapprove of George W. for any reason.

Make no mistake -- it doesn't matter whether your dislike is justified, or whether you can back it up with painstaking research and irrefutable facts and logic. It doesn't matter if you can prove, beyond any doubt, that he's a pathological liar and psychotic sociopath who finds capital punishment amusing. None of that matters. Instead, you're unhinged. You're deranged. You're a moonbat. And, no, they're not interested in what you have to say. Moonbat.

BDS is a catchy condition first coined by right-wing venereal disease Charles Krauthammer, whose putrid dishonesty and smarmy lack of ethics and unpleasant habit of diagnosing political opponents with psychological "problems" makes him one of the few people I would thoroughly enjoy kicking out of his wheelchair, but he sure invented a winner here, didn't he?

Not surprisingly, though, if you fall on the other side of the political spectrum, then you might despise Hillary Clinton with a seething, white-hot passion with every fibre of your being, but the chances of you being psychologically disturbed because of it are apparently much less. How about that? Is that convenient or what?

And if it's big in Wingnutville down there, it just stands to reason that it's going to be all the rage up here as well, as the Canadian right-wing Wurlitzer is already cranking up the notion of "Harper Derangement Syndrome", as you can read in the comments section here, where commenter Kristin Beaumont responds to the reproduction of a lengthy, researched piece by Paul Wells with:

Well we found out one thing about your post. You do not like Stephen Harper.

Yes, by God, don't bother poor Kristin with, you know, facts and stuff. You clearly hate Stephen Harper. Moonbat. In fact, it didn't take long for that meme to get rolling as Blogging Tory and precocious McCarthyite Jarrett Plonka was already laying the groundwork for the obvious smear campaign last year before Harper even took office. Yes, there's nothing like a smug, sanctimonious, pre-emptive dismissal of any and all criticism, is there? Sure saves time.

Of course, if you despise Stephane Dion with a similar intensity, to the point of, you know, calling him names, that is, naturally, completely justifiable. I mean, "Dion Derangement Syndrome"? Perish the thought.

After all, that would be insulting. And we can't have that.

OH, MAN ... can I call it or what?


Steven Hodson said...

I wonder how Kristin would feel on my opinion Harper legacy could well be the dismantling

LOL :)

Steven Hodson said...

sorry that should be

.....could well be the dismantling of Canada

Ti-Guy said...

All conservative people are stupid.