Thursday, January 25, 2007

The eJankulator strikes again.

Look out! Steve Janke is on the case, so hide the women, children and journalistic objectivity. Over here, Steve's caught Liberal leader Stephane Dion consorting with cocaine dealers. Or something vaguely like that:

A union leader, Perley Edmund Holmes, has been arrested in connection to the trafficking of over $4 million in cocaine.


Perley Edmund Holmes came out strongly for Stephane Dion during the Liberal Party leadership campaign.


Of course, Stephane Dion can't control what his supporters do.

Correct. So what's your point, Steve? You do have a sleazy, illogical anti-Dion point here somewhere, don't you?

But the Dion people were quick off the mark to expunge the website of Holmes' endorsement.

And if they hadn't, Steve, your headline would have been, "Liberal leader Dion not embarrassed by drug dealing financial supporter." Liberals just don't win in your world, do they, Steve? So, out of curiosity, how financially incestuous is the relationship we're talking about here? Ah, here we go:

On paper, Perley Holmes donated a total of $100 to Stephane Dion.

Whoa, that's some serious bling, isn't it, Steve? But hang on ... Steve's not done here:

But then we know there are ways to move money around so that it doesn't have to be declared.

So Steve can't prove that Holmes donated more money to Dion. Then again, you can't prove he didn't. Using the same logic, I can't prove Steve Janke had group sex with Ted Morton, Rob Anders, Charles McVety, Kathy Shaidle and a diseased goat but, hey, you can't prove he didn't. Stalemate.

Mercifully, some of Steve's commenters are finally getting tired of his shtick:

While I share your enthusiasm for the Conservative/conservative cause, I do not share the same enthusiasm for this tactic. It is beneath you to hint at Dion's guilt by association. Just because the Liberals/liberals use dirty tricks, name calling & smear campaigns does not mean we have to sink to their same level...

Oh, man. If you are going to make an allegation, make one; but this kind of post is nothing but bush-league tabloid journalism...

I keep saying "Steve, you are better than this"; but I've said it so many times that I'm starting to think that you really aren't. Maybe you really are just a partisan hack who tries to present himself as a balanced observer.

DING DING DING DING DING! What do we have for the winners, Johnny?

... speaking of guilt by association ...

NOW THAT'S TIMELY: Apparently, even crack cocaine dealers have more respect for the Constitution than the average Republican.

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