Friday, January 19, 2007

Apparently, it's the Democrats who stand on guard for thee.

If you're a Canadian who was sent to Syria and tortured for months and you need some high-powered support in your corner, who ya gonna call? The Democrats.

You could call the Conservatives but, well ...

The secret U.S. dossier on Mahar Arar doesn't contain anything new nor any evidence that fingers him as a terrorist suspect, [Stockwell] Day said Thursday after failing to persuade U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to remove the Canadian from American watch lists.

"He should not be on a watch list,'' Mr. Day told a news conference in Washington, adding that Canadian counter-terrorism officials had been shown the U.S. dossier and found "nothing new'' in it.

"We have seen some recent information that has not altered our opinion at all,'' he said.

Yes, let's concentrate on that no-fly list thing, shall we, Stockie? After all, that whole Syria/torture thing is so ... so ... last year, know what I mean?


Gonzales (opening door)
: "Patrick ... uh ... hey ..."
Leahy: "Hey there! So ... it's been a week. Got my briefing?"
Gonzales: "Oh, I ... uh, you know, just give me till next Friday, I'll have it for you."
Leahy: "Oh. Oh, that's funny, I could have sworn I said have it today."
Gonzales: "Yeah, I don't have it sorry."
Leahy: "Oh. All right, then ..."

I'm pretty sure you know how this ends.

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