Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And remember ... they're all about the children.

From Canada's Crazy-Assed Racist Redneck™ (via a proxy server, given the indescribably dangerous human being that I am), we have Kate, via the devilishly clever blog post title "Baby Boomer," apparently poking fun at infant suicide bombers (I'm hoping the link works for you). And that's when the SDA howler monkeys take over:

"Baby Boomer"

Thnx Kate.

I need a new keyboard now. Can't get the coffee out of the old one...

Hey wait a minute...Isn't that pacifier chain made of C-4???? Clear the nursery!! Call the bomb squade to disarm this toddler!!...

Just wondering, is this boomer raised in a daycare center...

They love death, pure and simple. After all the hugging and kissing about how lovely Islam is, after it is all stripped away, there's a huge death cult mentality that's alive and well in Islam. Any cult that advises it's members that the only way to achieve positive entrance to heaven is to die in Jihad...well, enough said.

Baby Boomers......still laughing...

I considered titling this post "Dead Baby Before Picture... [that one was Kate herself]

Ah, they blow up so fast these days...

This picture and some of the comments here make me ill.
My heart breaks for a child who deserves a decent mother and father. Not the fucking ingrates it would appear he has.
How do you even contemplate doing this to your child...
I cannot help but hear again the words from the muslim student in Ireland who said to Trevor Owens, "this is not an ideology, it is a mental illness"...

The next jihadist-recruiting-movie title, or is it the caption under the photo, in the baby album, depicting baby's first steps:

"Dead Baby Walking"


It is hard to look at the pictures of those precious little ones knowing what their parents plan for their future...it breaks my heart...what kind of parents...??
Is this going on in moderate mosques in Canada?...

I'm starting to think that sterilization is the only answer.

And don't give me the Hitler thinking stuff. Jews didn't strap on bombs to kill innocent people...

One commenter tries to break in with some sanity:

Forgive my naivety but whats with th kid/bomber connection? I see pacifier, burnoose and a headband.

Am I missing something...maybe I need more sleep?

He is quickly dismissed:

For all of the people asking about what connection there is between the kid and terrorism:

I don't claim to be an expert, but I think the give-away is the red-bandana. Isn't it supposed to be some sort of Islamic mark of a soon-to-be-martyr? Flight 93 passengers reported red bandanas on the hijackers. I am sure that there have been news reports that have mentioned martyrs wearing them.

Maybe it's not a symbol and all of this is coincidence...but that's what it had come to mean to me...

Anyone else see the irony of the "pacifier" in this child's mouth?...

Mmmm, notice that the one end of the pacifier is open? Probably to hook a grenade onto...

You have to give it to extremists though, they don't discriminate, they bomb everyone, theirs included...

Multirec at least you have to give then credit for giving women, children, civilians and muslims the equal opportunity of being bombed. Isn't that what dions idea of social justice is...

Pull the chain and the baby blows.

Then comes Kate's major "oopsie" moment:

Update Oh man.... apparently I've overlooked the fact that these babies are dressed for the religious observance of "Ashura" ...

And here's your money quote from Kate:

Being generous enough of spirit to acknowledge that bloggers and commentors more open-minded than myself have bettered my appreciation of this gentle commemoration of the beheading martyrdom of Hussain ibn Ali (grandson of Muhammad), the best way to express my gratitude is to assist the readership here to expand theirs.

Yup, that's our Kate -- 10 pounds of generosity of spirit in a 5-pound bag.

Just kill me now, Lord.

BITCH-SLAP PEDANTRY. In case you missed it, go back and appreciate the subtlely dishonest way that Kate tries to recover from her howling fuck-up (emphasis added):

"... apparently I've overlooked the fact that these babies are dressed for the religious observance of "Ashura" ..."

No, Kate ... I'm willing to wager that you didn't "overlook" it at all. See, technically, the definition of "overlook" (at least in this context) is:

To look over and beyond (anything) without seeing it; to miss or omit in looking; hence, to refrain from bestowing notice or attention upon;

Note carefully what is implied here -- to "overlook" means that you were aware of something, or it was there in front of you, and you simply missed it or ignored it or failed to take it into account. That implies that, somehow, you had that information but merely failed to process it.

I don't think that's what happened here. I think a more appropriate reaction from Kate would have been something like:

"Oh, man ... apparently this child is simply dressed up for a religious observation called "Ashura" which I -- in my racist, batshit-crazy, hate-filled, shrieking, right-wing ignorance -- have never even heard of."

See? Now, doesn't that read better?


Steven Hodson said...

okay .. that just wanted to make me puke and then seriously consider handing over my citizenship card. I realize that humour is humour and each persons funnybone might be different but please don't tell me these are Canadians and they are serious

Simon said...

You should get a Medal of Freedom or something for going through the proxy server workaround just to read more from KKKate and her obsequious followers.

What a righteous crew.

Simon said...

Some other choice comments from those fiends:

Gotta agree with eastern paul on this one.
Just a picture of a Muzzie kid.The Baby Boomer line is funny though,I have to admit. I detest these bastards as much as the rest of you but to presume these people are raising a suicide bomber is a stretch.

Posted by: Rattfuc at January 27, 2007 02:36 PM

This is so sad...but, I fear it is not the exception.

What's really sad is that images like this make me feel less sympathetic when I hear that children have been killed in a Middle East bombing (be it US air-strikes or one of their own home-grown suicide bombers). It seems that these kids are headed for nothing but misery and pointless deaths anyway.

These are the people that Libs and Layton want to make nice-and-cozy with. Meanwhile, if in Canada, a child is sent to their room, spanked, or made to do chores, they want your children to be removed from the hostile environment you present.

Posted by: bryceman at January 27, 2007 02:44 PM

"Groan...you guys are unbelievable."

So, Paul, what's that comment relieve you of? Any further thoughts on the culture and aberration of a photograph like that? You think a toddler with a pacifier in a terrorist outfit is more "unbelievable" than the reaction of civilized people to it on this site?

If you could get your sorry uniformed butt over to Little Green Footballs, a site documenting this phenomenon, you would find that that kid's twisted warmongering(abusive to the civilized) role modeling is repeated all over the ME.

I'm only pointing this out because it is the essence of how dopes like you think, or don't.

Posted by: penny at January 27, 2007 07:10 PM

Shannon said...

When I bopped over the day you noticed you were banned, this was the first thing I saw. The post and the ensuing comments made me nauseous and I had to leave shortly thereafter to protect my brain from shutting down from the effort of trying to process the stupidity and utter hypocrisy of it.

Everything on this ridiculous bitch's blog is like that.

I love how conservatives hold themselves and their ideals up as the gauge with which kindness, concern for others and general morality are measured. Then they go on to write or say something (generally several things at once), that show what a disgusting lie that supposed gauge is.

Nice retraction, btw. Very sincere conservative pass the buckery. Goes right along the lines of 'but I was TOLD there really were WMDs in Iraq. REALLY!!'.

Scotian said...

Good point CC, I agree, I doubt she overlooked it but simply was unaware of it all along until she learned of it from whatever source that caused her to do that "oopsie" update. Then again, what else would one expect from Canada's online lowest common denominatrix?

ajsuhail said...

Liberal Catnip kicked Kate's ass over her obnoxious post.Read it.

eb said...

See? Now, doesn't that read better?

Certainly much more accurate.