Saturday, September 30, 2006

TIME magazine takes one for the Congressman.

Apparently, Time magazine is getting its marching orders from the GOP establishment. How else to explain this bit of insufferably stupid journamalism?

Thanks to his previous work against pedophiles, the Florida congressman who sent possibly inappropriate emails to a teenager had little choice but to resign. Now the GOP has yet another vulnerable seat to defend

Um ... "possibly inappropriate?" Is that the best you can do?

Opinion may be divided over whether the e-mails Florida Representative Mark Foley sent a teen-age male congressional page last year were inappropriate or even constituted outright sexual harassment.

"Opinion may be divided" on whether those e-mails were even "inappropriate?" Are you shitting me? Is Time reading the same e-mails as the rest of us? Apparently not since, in that entire article, this seems to be the nastiest stuff they can come up with:

Foley's aides insist that the e-mails in question do nothing to belie his commitment to child protection issues, saying the exchanges between the congressman and the page - in which Foley asks what the boy would like for his birthday and requests a picture of him - were innocuous and "nonchalant" chat...

In other e-mail exchanges with the page, Foley discusses another boy who he remarks is "in really great shape -- i am just finished riding my bike on a 25 mile journey now heading to the gym -- what school like for you this year?"

That's it? Jesus Christ, Time, let me help you out here. How about some of these delightful exchanges: "do you really do it face down ... where do you unload it ... i always use lotion and the hand ... well i have aa [sic] totally stiff wood now".

Honestly, just when you think journalism has reached the bottom of the barrel, someone comes along and lifts up the barrel.

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Maybe there's a hole under the barrel?