Friday, September 15, 2006

"Is is irresponsible to speculate wildly and hysterically?"

There's speculation, and then there's premature eJankulation. It's not a pretty sight.

ARGH: OK, so I pooched the title. Too late to change it now.


David said...

Janke wrote in his blog: "One of the things you learn as you grow older is that it is impossible to humiliate anybody. You can only humiliate yourself."

So he is more self-aware than previously thought. And is speaking from experience.

Ti-Guy said...

Can you imagine this fat-head in real life? I'm sure the room is sucked clean of oxygen every time he talks.


I tend to agree with the idea that young people who have such dark thoughts (and we all do at that age, more or less) should be talking to other people (and their parents, hopefully) instead of opening them up to the judgementality of strangers on the Internet. Because, before you know it, a voyeuristic hysteric like Janke will start accusing them of being two steps away from mass murder.

Way to go, Wanke.