Saturday, September 30, 2006

Get yer hypocrisy on!

Apparently, it doesn't take much to get Canadian Christian Conservative's antenna stalks quivering with a sense of injustice:

Miller supporter registers ""

Someone who supports Mayor David Miller is pretty quick on the draw... on the day that Stephen LeDrew announced his intention to run against David Miller for the Mayor's job, they went and registered "" and ""... and what did they go and do with those addresses?

Redirected them to "". How kind of them.

And you know what? I'll bet the owner will just squat on those addresses until, say, November 14, 2006.

This is, of course, a completely different issue from, say, this. Or this.

I wouldn't be making too much of that moral high ground if I were you, dude. Know what I'm sayin'?


Christian Conservative said...

Hey man, spoof sites are one thing, swiping a rival's real legal name domain is different... at least, that's what I think.

Don't you think that creating an obvious spoof on "" is a little different that taking "" and then redirecting it to "" or ""?

Anywho, the only reason that I stumbled across it is because I punched up "" looking for his views and platform in the mayors race. How many other people do you think will make the same mistake?

I just think it's bad form. Not that it's illegal or anything, nor is it even immoral, I just didn't think it was a very nice thing to do.

Though, like I said, it also points out that Mr. LeDrew may not be to swift on the uptake... maybe he's not up to the job. I was sure hoping that he was... ANY-TIME BUT MORE MILLER-TIME! ;-)

Mike said...

Funny christian conservative but I remember certain CHRSTIAN groups doing this exact same thing during the election. Back then, it was all fair play in fighting the evil of gay marriage. Now not so much eh?

Damn hypocrite. Go get a moral compass.

M@ said...

Anyone tried comparing versus

Yeah, it's an awful thing, isn't it.