Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don't get pissed -- get even.

Over at My Blahg, Robert has a short piece on the latest bit of petulant childishness on the part of the CPoC:

The Geological Survey, along with presumably the rest of the offices in the Canadian government, was sent a memo requiring them to stop saying they worked for the government of Canada, or the Canadian government, or anything sensible like that. Instead, they were to leave no letterhead untouched, changing all references to “The New Government of Canada”.

Yes, it's breathtakingly immature and self-indulgent but let's not get too carried away. Be patient. If the Liberals can eventually get their shit together in time for the next election and hand the CPoC their asses on a plate, then those Liberals can do likewise and issue an official edict, changing all government letterhead to read "Canada's Governing Liberals: The grownups are back in charge."

Or something equally amusing.


Heretic said...

I actually can't believe it. What gigantic load of shit. Why don't they just come right out and call it Stephen Harper Inc.?

Michael said...

The good scientist emeritus' mistake was hitting "REPLY ALL" with his opinion. Career-limiting move in the Public Service, that. QED.

Mike said...

I would despise the Liberals doing that as much as I despised the Conervatives doing it. I think that Mr. Okulitch made a good point with:

"Why do newly elected officials think everything begins with them taking office? They are merely stewards for as long as the public allows. They are there to foster good policies even if (horrors) they were set up by another party."

Give your ego a rest, Mr. Harper!

Anonymous said...

I Can't help but feel that "Canada'a New Government" or "the New Canadian Government" smacks of the New World Order.....very creepy and totally expected