Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The CBC: That gosh-darned "liberal" media.

Honestly, some days it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps. Driving around Waterloo this morning and caught snippets of an interview on CBC Radio (89.1 FM locally) that started at 9 a.m.(?), involving a female interviewer who redefined the concept of "airhead."

Referring to the recent pissing contest between Catholicism and Islam and Pope Ratzo the First's indelicate bitch-slapping of the latter, the interviewer first altered reality by claiming that His Popeliness had already "apologized" for his remarks. No, sweetie -- he hasn't. Deal with it. A few minutes later, a male guest took fantasy even further by claiming that the Pope had apologized "three times already." Aaaargh. (Sound of forehead banging on keyboard.)

But the best was yet to come, as the conversation turned to what the Pope was "really" trying to say, and that he was just pointing out the dangers of "irrational faith." Excuse me? Irrational faith? As opposed to what? Rational faith? As in, based on reason? I'm sorry -- when did that product suddenly appear on store shelves?

Please, someone tell me there's a transcript of this idiocy somewhere. 'Cuz I just don't get enough indescribable stupidity in my life these days.


M@ said...

You'll be able to listen to it again here probably by the end of the day, or tomorrow morning at the latest. I don't think they publish a transcript though.

Sorry I missed it, though. Sounds hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Did you actually read what the pope said or have you already passed judgment on all that the Pope says - through a CBC filter?

Better make like a non-violent Islamist and firebomb the cbc!